Drug testing kits for parents to use at home

Drug Testing Kits

Drug testing kits now becoming more widely available

We are frequently contacted by anxious parents, seeking advice on what to do following events leading to a suspicion of drug experimentation involving their teenage son or daughter and which drug testing kits are best for home use.

There is no standard reply, and only the family can decide on the right course of action, but getting to the bottom or truth is often the most challenging issue facing parents (before they decide on what to do, if anything)

Most teenagers when challenged will deny drug use. They know the issues this will cause them to address with their parents, and seek to avoid the confrontation and consequences.

But asking a teenager to take a drug and alcohol test need not be as confrontational as imagined. The ability to negotiate future testing, can be motivational in achieving the avoidance behaviour saught by the parent, while arming the teenager with an acceptable excuse against peer pressure.

Drug testing in a crisis situation can be more problematic, but this is often the situation presented to the parent, and again being able to indentify and quantify the issues allows informed choices to be made by the responsible adult.

What do I screen for is the next question.

Targeted specific single drug tests are available for all the common drug groups recreationally used by teenagers (with the exeption of methadrone (meow meow)) but in the initial screening stage we recommend an multi drug test kit be used as this will cover a range of common drugs and will ensure nothing is missed and may even educate the user on the common contaminants (not everything sold as pills, contains what the dealer suggests)

The best method of testing for drugs is a urine sample as it looks back over a longer period (3-5 days) compare this to saliva testing with 12-36 hrs drug detection at best. If you are going to do a random drug test as part of a contract, then urine testing wins hands down, its cheaper and will need to be done less often. The advantage of using saliva drug testing kits is the convenience and lack of opportunity to adulterate the sample. Saliva testing is great for immediate testing post “at risk” times, ie after parties or night club visits.

Where can I buy a drug test kit ? You can buy drug testing kits online or from some local chemists & pharmacies.

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