Drug Testing FAQS-how long after last drug use will a drug test be positive ?

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How long do drugs stay positive in your system ?

The amount of time drugs stay in the body depends on many factors such as, the amount of the drug taken, its strength, purity, the body weight of the person being tested and rate of metabolism, and whether they are a casual user or a long term user.

Cut offs for onsite drug testing kits are brand specific and as a guide the window period for drug detection using saliva or oral fluid drug test are shorter than comparable urine drug test.

As a rough guideline most drugs  (excluding cannabis will be detectable on a urine drug test for up to 3-4 days) and on a saliva drug test for up to a maximum of 72 hours (some saliva tests are only up to 24 hours)

Cannabis can be detected in some individuals on a urine drug test for up to 28-30 days (depends on individual useage and body fat composition as Cannabis metabolites stored in body fat)

For more detailed and brand specific drug detection times for urine and saliva click here