Drug and alcohol stories in the news recently

Two Deaths from Ecstasy November 2011 after clubbers had attended the same venue Alexandra Palace London

Last month 2 young men died aged 20 and 21 years of age died after being admitted to hospital after having taken suspected ‘rogue ecstasy’. A third man was also admitted.

More info here http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/nov/28/clubbers-test-ecstasy-nightclub-deaths

All drivers in France may be  required to carry breathlyzer kits in their cars from Spring 20112

New planned legislation recently announced by the french president recently will require all drivers in France to keep breathalyzer kits in their cars to test themselves. The new planned requirement is a move by the french to cut the number of deaths on the french roads . Under the new plans anyone stopped and found not to have a breathalyzer kit in their car will be fined.

Decriminilising Cannabis-a good or bad idea-the debate continues

Last month an ex MI5 boss gave a speech to a all party parliamentary drug group & urged the goverment to consider decriminalising Cannabis

Read more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-15770842

Drug testing kits for urine and saliva available to purchase online in UK

Digital breathalysers, breathalyser kits and alcohol tests available from Value Breathalysers

Which disposable breathalyzer kit is the best to test a professional driver ?

 disposable breath alcohol detectors

We are having a lot of questions at www.valuebreathalysers.co.uk  this week from UK companies & businesses about single use disposable breathalyzer kits.

I think it must be a combination of the the office party season & the announcement by the french president earlier this month that car drivers in france will be required to carry breathalyzer kits in their cars from Spring 2012

We received this question about disposable breath alcohol detectors in the workplace by telephone this week.

‘We want to test our fork lift drivers randomly for alcohol. We are looking at the disposable breath alcohol detectors. Can you please advise which sensitivity we should go for.’

Because a fork lift driver is a professional driver and is operating machinery in a workplace, then you need to go for the 0.02% or zero tolerance breath alcohol detectors.

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Car Breathalyzer Kits may be a requirment for drivers in France from spring 2012

breathalyzer kits car 

From Spring 2012 every driver in France may be required to carry a breathalyzer kit in their car or face fines , after an announcement earlier this week by french president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The new planned legislation is part of a drive to reduce the deaths on french roads by increased safety measures including drivers being able to check their alcohol levels before driving.

Source http://www.thelocal.fr/

The EU drink driving prosecution levels are lower than the UK’s at 0.05% BAC

Research by the french road safety association has shown that alcohol is the biggest factor in road deaths so this move from the french president is an attempt to cut road deaths by making drivers more aware of their alcohol levels.

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Which is the best home breathalyzer ?

We received this question asking which is the best breathalyser earlier this week:

‘My teenagers have just passed their driving test & are borrowing the car. I want to make sure they are not drinking and driving when they are going out in the evenings. They have promised they won’t but I know they are susceptible to peer pressure and I want to be sure. Which breathalyzer would you recommend ?’


We understand accuracy is very important in this situation as they are young inexperienced drivers, and you probably want to operate a zero tolerance to drinking while driving in this situation. Look at the single use breath alcohol detectors. Select the zero tolerance sensitivity if you want them to abstain completely which would be our advice.Knowing you are going to test them will help them to resist the peer pressure as they know they will lose their car privilege if they test positive. Click here to see the single use disposable breathalysers or if you prefer a digital breathalyzer for home use have a look at the DA5000 digital breathalyzer

Drug Testing FAQ | What is the detection period for cocaine ?

cocaine test strips

We received this question about cocaine test strips recently by e-mail


”Do the cocaine test strips come with instructions on how to read the results and what is the detection period for these?”


”The urine cocaine test strips that we supply will pick up cocaine in the system 3 to 5 days from the last use. We send out full instruction on how to perform the drug test and if you need any help please give us a call ”

For more information on drug test detection times visit our drug testing kits website

Drug Testing FAQ-Do the Cocaine test strips detect crack cocaine ?

 cocaine drug test strip


”’Do the cocaine test strips also detect crack cocaine if it is smoked?”


”Yes the urine cocaine tests do also detect the use of crack cocaine.”

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Drug Testing Cocaine

Drug Testing FAQ-are these cocaine drug test strips testing urine for the presence of Cocaine or for the Cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine? 


”Could you please provide some additional details on your product Cocaine Drug Test Strips.
Are these strips testing for the presence of Cocaine or for the Cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine? Please also advise of the ng/ml cutoff. ”


”The cocaine test strips detect both Cocaine and the metabolite benzoylecgonine. The test membrane is 300ng/ml.

For more info on detection levels for other drugs visit UK Drug Testing