Which is the best home breathalyzer ?

We received this question asking which is the best breathalyser earlier this week:

‘My teenagers have just passed their driving test & are borrowing the car. I want to make sure they are not drinking and driving when they are going out in the evenings. They have promised they won’t but I know they are susceptible to peer pressure and I want to be sure. Which breathalyzer would you recommend ?’


We understand accuracy is very important in this situation as they are young inexperienced drivers, and you probably want to operate a zero tolerance to drinking while driving in this situation. Look at the single use breath alcohol detectors. Select the zero tolerance sensitivity if you want them to abstain completely which would be our advice.Knowing you are going to test them will help them to resist the peer pressure as they know they will lose their car privilege if they test positive. Click here to see the single use disposable breathalysers or if you prefer a digital breathalyzer for home use have a look at the DA5000 digital breathalyzer