France Breathalyzer Law | France Breathalyzer Kit | Breathalyzer for driving in France

French officials have confirmed their intention to introduce as planned the legal requirement for all vehicles to carry breathalyser tests and the suggested implementation date will be July 2012 for the new french law.

Single use disposable breath tests set at the French 0.05%BAC will be sufficient. The 0.05%BAC Mission disposable breathalyser kit packs meet all European quality requirements and this includes the French industry standards, so drivers travelling with these kits will comply with the legal requirement. We have been asked if the kits meet French NF quality marks, but the NF standard is not applied to single use breath detectors which are classified for EU use under the CE certification and in the case of the Mission product, you also get the far more stringent IVDD (InVitro Diagnostic Device) certification, meaning it meets the exacting standards required for use in health care settings.

Frequent travellers or tourists intending to travel for extended periods in France may also choose to opt for a hand held digital breathalyser. These cost from as little as £33 plus VAT for the DA5000 digital breathalyzer. These give a far more accurate measure of Bloood Alcohol levels, giving a direct reading from 10 right up to 400mg/100ml blood alcohol concetration. The DA5000 Breathalyzer is ROHS certified for use right accross Europe and comes pre-set with an alarm setting of 0.05% which complies with French driving legislation currently. For personal use no additional mouth piece tubes will be required for the breathalyser, and the only additional cost will be replacment sensors every 300 tests and batteries. With no expiry date, and an accurate direct and immediate reading of alcohol always on hand, these digital breathalyzers make a useful and cost effective alternative to single use alcohol breath testers. Other digital breathalysers meeting French requirements include :AL6000 Breathalyzer and AL7000 breathalyzer