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The new french breathalyzer kit regulations are expected to come into force from 1st July 2012.

These new french driving regulations will mean that all drivers travelling in France by road (including british drivers) will be required to carry a breathalyzer kit in their car that they can use to test themselves to see if they are over the french drink drive limit of 0.05% BAC. If a driver is stopped by the police they will be expected to produce this breathalyzer kit.

Drivers on a normal driving license are advised to carry at least 2 of the disposable 0.05% single use breathalyzer kits in their vehicle, so that if they use one of the breath tests to breathalyse themselves, they have a spare breathalyzer kit to produce, if they are required to do so by the police.

Professional drivers such as bus  & coach drivers, lorry drivers etc should carry the lower limit 0.02% BAC breathalyzer kits rather than the 0.05% AC breathalyzer kits.

The Mission disposable breathalyzer kits come in a range of sensitivities and are available in boxes of 3 & 20 breath test kits and in both the 0.05% BAC and the lower 0.02% BAC . They are ideal for british drivers to carry in their vehicles when travelling to France having directions on the box in both english and french.

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4 thoughts on “Drugs and Alcohol News | Breathalyzer France

  1. Thank you for your comments Ben and SM.
    As far as the NF certification goes we have not been able to find an official government website that specifies that the NF mark is a statuary requirement on these breathalyzer kits.
    The CE certification is a statuary requirement but the NF mark is a voluntary french mark that appears on many goods sold in France but appears to be exclusive to France.
    Here is a link to NF website
    Was it the french governments intention to force british motorists to only purchase breathalyzer kits manufactured in France or was it their intention to reduce deaths on french roads caused by drink driving ?
    There is a lot of misinformation and confusion abou the the new french breathalyzer regulations and from the comment from SM it would seem that even the french police are confused. This legislation has been sprung on the public and possibly on the police forces who are going to have to enforce it.

  2. The law IS now fact – this is from the French Newspaper “The Local” and quotes the French Transport Ministry:
    “Officials at the transport ministry confirmed to The Local on Monday that the rules will apply to anyone driving on French roads, including foreigners visiting the country.”
    However – DO NOT be conned into buying a Breathalyzer kit that is NOT “NF” APPROVED. To be approved it MUST have a bag – and the “NF” logo. No Bag, No Logo = No Good. – YOU WILL STILL BE FINED!
    The reason is simple; without a bag there is no way to know how much air has been blown through the tube. More air=higher reading, less air=lower reading. So if you don’t blow enough air, you won’t get an accurate reading. Useless – and that’s why they’re not NF-Approved.
    They may well be FDA approved in the USA, but do you fancy your chances arguing with the Gendarme? “but Monsieur Policeman, it’s OK in the USA….” yeah, right.
    If you’re buying a kit to use in France – buy one with a FRENCH approval (and preferably a French Kit)… unless you like arguing with policemen?

  3. It would be helpful to have a link (albeit in French maybe) to the actual law.

    At this moment – Is it LAW yet, or a PROPOSAL for Law?
    There is no official notice on the http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/ website.

    According to the 2nd comment of this link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2104252/New-French-law-makes-breathalyser-kits-compulsory-motorists.html

    “Ref: breath test kits – This is not yet the case. None of the legislation has hit the staute books. If stopped and required to proved a specimen of breath for a breath test, the equipment will still be provided by the law enforcement officer concerned. My local adjutant in the gendarmerie says that his service has not been advised of the implementation of the legislation, and in any case agrees with me, that a self administered chemical tube breath test is only a guide, and that it is more probable, that the electrical apparatus will still find a positive test after such a home blown tube. ……….

    – Christopher Jackson, Department of Creuse – France, 22/2/2012 19:00”

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