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Drugs of Abuse News | Methoxetamine to be Illegal Drug

Breaking News

The UK governement has announced that the ‘legal high drug ‘ Methoxetamine also known as ‘MXE or mexxy’ will be made an illegal drug temporarily under new government powers.

Methoxetamine is used as an alternative to ketamine by drugs users, but seems to have much more dangerous side effects & has already been linked to 4 deaths, although it has not as yet been confirmed that this was the cause of the deaths.

Find out more about this story at

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Drug Testing Companies UK

Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd through its two websites and  is one of the longest established online drug testing companies in UK. The company was started in 1998 and has become one of the leading online suppliers of onsite drug testing kits to companies, businesses, drugs teams, NHS trusts and individuals in the UK.

The company supplies a wide range of urine and saliva onsite drug testing kits for first line drug screening, as well as an extensive range of single use breathalyzer kits, alcohol test strips and digital breathalyzers.

Drug testing kits suitable for company & workplace drug testing can be purchased online using a debit or credit card here & are available for next working day UK delivery

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AL6000 Breathalyzer UK Review

The AL6000 Breathalyzer has now been available in the UK for almost 10 years. As it is one of the most popular digital breathalyzers in the UK we decided to review it first.

What we like about the AL6000

  • Great design, smart professional looking digital breathalyzer
  • Ergonomic design, fits in your hand comfortably
  • Reliable & robust in every day use
  • Comes supplied with batteries
  • Suppled with 5 professional breathalyzer mouthpieces which can be re-used, if it has just been purchased for personal use.
  • The latest models of Al6000 give the buyer the ability to change the sensor every 300 tests, fitting a new pre-calibrated sensor, set by the manufacturer for accuracy.
  • Easy to change sensor-simply pull out old one, push new one in (no screwdriver or technical expertise required)
  • The AL6000 breathalyzer does not have to be sent away for service.
  • Replacement batteries easily available-takes 2AA batteries
  • Replacement sensors for AL6000 are inexpensive & widely available for around £17-20 pounds
  • The Al6000 breathalyzer is able to give accuracy of +/_ 0.1%BAC at 1.0%BAC, this means that a test result of 0.10%BAC should not vary by more than 0.09% to 1.1%BAC in a close series of sucessive tests.
  • The semiconductor sensor is tough and resists clogging and corrosion as well as any of the other breathalyzers of a similar price.
  • With careful use you should expect around 300 accurate tests from each sensor, but this is dependent on careful useage and storage and to a degree, the levels of alcohol measured.
  • Replacement mouthpieces widely available and inexpensive.
  • The AL6000 breathalyzer offers excellent value for money at around £58

Things to take into consideration if purchasing an AL6000 breathalyzer or a replacement sensor

  • Smokers should expect shorter sensor life as tar and CO do not mix well with alcohol sensors.
  • Be sure to ventilate the breathalyzer well after use as condensation can cause the sensor to rust and fail if it is packed away immediately after use.
  • When purchasing al Al6000 breathalyzer it is important to buy a unit with the correct display option, as this cannot be changed later and is fixed at manufacture. Modern models have the decimel place spray painted on the front screen of the LCD display which is read if the display is to be read in %BAC (percentage blood alcohol concentration)
  • At this point it may be helpful to point out that the majority of modern breathalyzers display blood alcohol level readings, confusing when you are blowing breath through them, but as nearly all legislation is now quoted in BAC, the units are set to do the conversion calculation for you. Ignor the decimel place and just read from the first positive digit and the breathalyzer displays BAC in mg/100ml, so for example you can interpret the same result as .080%BAC and/or 080=80mg/100ml BAC
  • The AL6000 breathalyzer has 2 modes of testing Nor = normal and Fst = fast  the fast mode is what it says and the breath sample and accuracy are reduced for a fast test.
  • In reality most users of AL6000 breathalyzers nearly always test in normal mode as this significantly increases the accuracy of the result.
  • Normal mode takes a 5 second deep breath lung sample and will indicate with a Flo display if the breath sample is not maintained for the full sample time.
  • When buying a new sensor for an Al6000 be sure to match the colour circuit board to the one your breathalyzer has as they are not interchangeable. Most have red circuit boards, but older models are green and they cannot be mixed. If the wrong sensor is inserted the breathalyser will not work and the sensor is not usable once it has been connected to the breathalyser.
  • New sensors will have a test count of 6-12 tests needed for their calibration.
  • One last point the unit used to have NF certification, but this was not renewed by the manufacturer Sentech and had lapsed. Now with the new French breathalyser law the manufacturer has re-applied for the French NF certificate which should be issued for the breathalyser before the July 2012 French law starts, so this breathalyzer is a good bet for anyone looking for a digital breathalyzer to take to Europe.

Our Opinion : All in all the AL6000 breathalyser offers excellent value for money and is a great buy for anyone considering buying a digital breathalyzer.

You can buy an AL6000 digital breathalyzer in UK here

You can buy replacement sensors for the Al6000 breathalyzer here

Drug Testing FAQ’s | What is Ketamine | What is the detection time for Ketamine in urine on a drug test ?

This is a question  are being asked on a regular basis, due to the increasing problem of Ketamine misuse in the UK.

What is ketamine ? Ketamine (also known as Special K or K ) is a dissociative veterinary anaesthetic / horse tranquiliser which is highly sedative. It is increasingley being abused in the UK.

What is the detection period for Ketamine in urine ?

Ketamine can be detected in a urine sample on a drug test for between 3-5 days from last use.

The sensitivity of the urine drug test for ketamine is usually 1000ng/ml

Click here to find out more about Ketamine Drug Test Kits 

For multi-panel urine drug testing kits with ketamine

Cup drug testing kits with ketamine

The Ketamine detection periods on saliva and hair are different.

Breathalyzer Reviews | Digital Breathalyzer Reviews

We have decided to review the current most popular consumer digital breathalyzers on the market in the UK.

Initially we are going to put to the test & review the Da5000 digital breathalyzer, the Al6000 digital breathalyzer, the Da7000 digital breathalyzer, the Da8000 digital breathalyzer.

If you are the UK supplier of a consumer digital breathalyzer and would like it reviewed on our website then please send us one to put to the test & review.

If you own a digital breathalyzer and would like to post a review then get in touch through comments or post your personal review in comments below.

We are going to start by reviewing the Al6000 digital breathalyzer which is one of the most popular digital breathalyzers in UK so if you have a review of the Al6000 breathalyser get ready as we will be posting the review over next couple of days once we have well and truly put it through its paces. To start with we are taking it to a local pub tonight.

European Drink Driving Limts | French Breathalyzer Limits

The drink driving limits across europe vary from country to country with most being lower than here in the UK. British drivers travelling abroad should be aware of this as the UK limit at 0.08% BAC ( 80mg /100ml or 0.8 g/l ) is significantly higher than most of our European neighbours, and it would be very easy to find yourself unknowingly breaking the law when abroad.

Our closest neighbours France, Belgium & Ireland have levels of 0.05% BAC.  Ireland’s limits changed from 0.08% BAC to 0.05% BAC last Autumn 2011, as research from other European countries has shown significant reduction in road trafiic accidents in which alcohol was a factor following a reduced limit. Ireland has also introduced a zero tolerance for learner drivers. Recently France has become much more pro-active, and has introduced a law requireing drivers to carry self breathalyzer kits which will come into effect on 1st July 2012.

Some countries, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, in fact operate a zero tolerance to drink driving for all drivers. The levels are constantly being changed across Europe, and the trend is downward. If you are driving abroad it is important to check the current levels for the county that you are visiting at the time you are visiting, and to exercise extreme caution as the penalties also vary from country to country.

The safest thing is to abstain completely from drinking alcohol when driving, however many drivers are unaware that they may still be over the limit the morning after consuming alcohol, and this is more likely to be the case in countries where the limts are lower.

In some countries novice drivers (less than 2-3 years since they passed their driving test) are set lower limits than more experienced drivers.
Most breathalyzer kits and digital breathalysers sold in UK display in % BAC

So this means that:
0.2 g/l is same as 0.02 %BAC
0.5 g/l is same as 0.05 %BAC
0.8 g/l is same as 0.08 %BAC

The limts are changing constantly so check the details for the country that you are visiting at the time you are visiting.

Useful Source of information:

European Commission on Road Safety

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Breathalyzer Limits UK | What are the current UK Drink Driving Legal Limits ?

  This is a common question and one that can cause a lot of confusion as different models of breathalyzer can display different units of measure. Valuebreathalysers commonly receive questions regarding this, and today was no exception.

Alcohol Breathalyzer Limits UK

Here are the current UK alcohol breathalyzer limits for drivers on a normal driving license, that you may often see quoted-they all refer to the same amount of alcohol in the blood stream it is just the unit of measure that is different. The different ways that this is displayed can cause confusion.

The most common measurement is the BAC or blood alcohol concentration. Some models of breathalyzer display in BRAC or breath alcohol concentration but this is far less common now.

Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC) – 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, 80mg/ml, 080 on mg/100ml display or 0.08 %BAC, 0.8 Promille

Breath Alcohol Concentrations (BrAC) – 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath

If you are purchasing a breathalyzer it is important to know the unit of measure that that the breathalyzer diplays in so that you interpret the readings correctly.

To find out more about UK breathalyzer limits and limits for other EU countries including France visit

The UK’s limits are much higher than most other EU countries and there are many who believe that they should be brought down to a lower level for example 0.05%, which is the limit in most EU countries. for a driver on a normal driving license. Some countries operate even lower limts of 0.02 % BAC or even 0. I think it will only be a matter of time before the UK follows suit, and come into line with most of Europe with a 0.05% limit. Most drivers are impaired by even small amounts of alcohol in their blood stream and the effect does vary considerably from driver to driver. Generally the higher the levels of alcohol , the greater the impairment.

Workplace Drug Testing | New Saliva Drug Testing Kit for Employment Drug Screening

DSW-765 is a new saliva drug test panel from  offering an ideal combination of drug tests in a single 6 drug saliva testing screen for workplace drug testing.

The DSW-765 panel comes from one of the worlds leading manufacturers of saliva drug testing kits, and has full quality certification including CE, IVDD, TUV etc.

Packs contain 20 full saliva drug tests, each individually foil wrapped, 20 saliva collection swabs and 20 collection and transfer tubes, together with an easy to follow instruction and clinical data sheet. The 20 test pack retails for between £110 and £125 plus VAT, making it one of the most cost effective 6 drug saliva tests available currently in UK. However the performance is anything but cheap. The membranes give clear easy to read results, tests take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete, and individual results are given for each of the 6 drug groups included on the test.

But its the combination which makes it a first choice for workplace drug screening & testing:


Covering a full range of common recreational drugs, (the Methamphetamine test will detect both crystal ice but also most MDMA Ecstacy tabs which will commonly contain MET and other Amphetamine esters) Benzodiazepines are a wide ranging group of prescription drugs including tranquilisers and sleeping pills (important to screen if employees are to undertake high HSE risk roles) and lastly Opiates which will cover for street heroin, but also prescription pain killers containing high dose codiene, which again can have a sedative effect. DSW-765 saliva drug test packs are available from