Breathalyzer Reviews | Digital Breathalyzer Reviews

We have decided to review the current most popular consumer digital breathalyzers on the market in the UK.

Initially we are going to put to the test & review the Da5000 digital breathalyzer, the Al6000 digital breathalyzer, the Da7000 digital breathalyzer, the Da8000 digital breathalyzer.

If you are the UK supplier of a consumer digital breathalyzer and would like it reviewed on our website then please send us one to put to the test & review.

If you own a digital breathalyzer and would like to post a review then get in touch through comments or post your personal review in comments below.

We are going to start by reviewing the Al6000 digital breathalyzer which is one of the most popular digital breathalyzers in UK so if you have a review of the Al6000 breathalyser get ready as we will be posting the review over next couple of days once we have well and truly put it through its paces. To start with we are taking it to a local pub tonight.