Minimum prices on alcohol likely to be popular with pub landlords

Pubs have seen a decline in their sales of alcohol in recent years and many have put it down to cheap alcohol prices in supermarkets. Pubs have been forced to diversify, now making most income from foods sales as they have been unable to compete with the low prices of the supermarkets.

As a child I remember my father loading the boot of the car with cheap french bottled lagers on our annual camping holiday to France, as bottled beers were so much cheaper to buy in French hypermarkets. The british supermarket prices are now so low on lager, beer & spirits that this has become a thing of the past.

A recent study by Alcohol Concern Cymru found that 77% of pub landlords questioned in the study support the minimum prices on alcohol & that many of those questioned blamed the low prices of alcohol in supermarkets for the reduced sales of alcohol in pubs.

Many pubs in both cities, towns and villages are under threat and many stand empty. In rural communities particularly the village pub can be a very valuable asset & a focus for the community.

Read more about the Alcohol Concern Cymru Study here

Bulk Drug Test Kits | Trade & Wholesale Drug Testing Kits

With a growing number of UK companies undertaking drug and alcohol testing, the need for a cost effective drug testing kit for company and workplace drug testing is increasingly sought by buyers.

Most bulk purchasers of drug testing kits are looking for several hundred tests to enable cost savings and consistency with a drug testing or screening program. A reliable supply of drug tests  & drug testing cups will ensure a consistent approach where a screening program is permanent or on-going within a company or contract.

UKDrugtesting has over 14 year experience in the drug testing field with expert selection of only the most reliable and accurate drug screening products meeting the European and International quality standards and certification requirements. Imports from trusted manufacturers are handled using temperature controlled transport and storage facilities to ensure the biotechnology is imported and stored in the correct conditions to ensure the manufacturers stated performance characteristics of the drug testing kits is provided to all end users.

We have produced a web site section specifically offering the best current options for drug screening in the workplace .

This offers both saliva and urine drug testing options in bulk packs at discounted bulk pack pricing, but still allows single packs to be purchased where an additional supply is subsequently needed.

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Breathalyzer France Law | Latest News on Breathalyzer Kits for French Breathalyzer Law

You can purchase breathalyzer for driving in France fron Value Breathalysers

The latest news on the french breathalyzer law is that, as was speculated , it has been now been confirmed that the new french law that requires motorists to carry NF approved breathalyzer kits in their cars from the 1st July 2012 or face fines will not actually be enforced by police until 1st November 2012.

This is good news for motorists travelling to France this summer and for manufacturers of the single use 0.05% breathalyzer kits who have struggled to keep up with sudden demand for the 0.05% BAC breathalyzer kits.

You can buy breathalyzer kits for France with NF certificate from Value Breathalysers for the new french breathalyzer law

Ketamine Misuse | Increase in Ketamine Use Amonst UK Drug Users

Ketamine, originally an animal tranquiliser, has been around since the 1960’s but over the last 10 years or so there has been a steady increase in the recreational misuse of the drug Ketamine in the UK, particularly among the young in which it has become one of a group of drugs referred to as ‘club drugs’ and as a result it is increasingley been requested on drug testing kits. The street price of Ketamine has also come down, which may have helped to increase its popularity amongst drug users.

The government recently ordered a review of Ketamine currently classified as a class c drug because of its increasing misuse and also the serious adverse effects & increasing number of deaths that have been linked to ketamine misuse.

Find out more about this story here

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Breathalyser Manufacturers Rush for NF Certification For New French Breathalyzer Law

A massive rush is underway by breathalyzer manufacturers applying for NF certification of their products. The NF standard is a basic quality mark which until recently has been of limited interest to manufacturers. Many had let their NF certificates lapse as the French market was not considered important and the quality mark was not required to sell in France where the usual ROHS or CE certification was also accepted.

The move by the French Government to introduce compulsary breathalyzer packs for all motorists using french roads from July 2012 has seen a large increase in sales to the French market. At the time of the decision only a few brands had pre-existing NF certificates applied to their products. Obtaining NF certificate listing is quite straight forward for manufacturers already meeting existing EU quality standards there are no additional parameters which are required and it is simply a matter of completing the LNE audit and application process.

We will see a massive expansion to the list of approved NF breathalyzers over the next few months. The existing list is in no way final or closed and many manufactuers are also obtaining a declaration of conformity to the performance standards listed in NFX20702, making their products legitimate to sell directly into the French market.

The same application process applies to digital hand held breathalyzers being sold to the french Breathalyzer market for compliance with the new law. Many of the existing models such as the DA8000 and others have existing NF certification but only applied to OEM branded boxes in French distributor own label boxes. The breathalyzers are indentical to the manufacturers original but prior to the new French law the manufacturer saw no commercial advantage to paying for LNE certification directly.

With the introduction of the French breathalyzer legislation this now changes the balance for product being imported into Europe.  Buyers will want breathalyzer models which are compliant for when they travel to Europe and will prevent them having to buy additional units or single use breathalyzer tubes. If other countries follow the French and introduce similar laws, there is nothing to stop them applying a local regional or country specific quality mark .

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