Minimum prices on alcohol likely to be popular with pub landlords

Pubs have seen a decline in their sales of alcohol in recent years and many have put it down to cheap alcohol prices in supermarkets. Pubs have been forced to diversify, now making most income from foods sales as they have been unable to compete with the low prices of the supermarkets.

As a child I remember my father loading the boot of the car with cheap french bottled lagers on our annual camping holiday to France, as bottled beers were so much cheaper to buy in French hypermarkets. The british supermarket prices are now so low on lager, beer & spirits that this has become a thing of the past.

A recent study by Alcohol Concern Cymru found that 77% of pub landlords questioned in the study support the minimum prices on alcohol & that many of those questioned blamed the low prices of alcohol in supermarkets for the reduced sales of alcohol in pubs.

Many pubs in both cities, towns and villages are under threat and many stand empty. In rural communities particularly the village pub can be a very valuable asset & a focus for the community.

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