Roadside Drug Testing | New Drug Driving Laws likely to be in Queen’s speech today

It is thought that the long expected new drug driving laws will be announced in the Queens speech later today. It is hoped that the new legislation will make driving while under the influence of drugs punishable in the same way that drink driving is. Currently it is quite hard for the police to get a successful conviction for ‘drug driving’. it is hoped that the new legislation will make the process simpler for the police.

It is thought the new legislation will also cover driving under the influence of certain prescription drugs that impair a drivers ability in a similar way to alcohol, as well as illegal drugs. Many prescription drugs have it written on the packet that you should not drive while taking them.

It is thought the police will be equipped with instant saliva drug tests to screen at the roadside and that if a driver tests positive they will be taken to a police station and retested on a calibrated machine. The penalties will likely be similar to drink driving. Roadside instant drug testing kits are already used by police in some countries.

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