UK Police launch their summer drink driving campaign

The UK police have today launched their summer drink driving campaign to deter motorists from driving while over the limit. The limit in England and wales is currently 80mg per 100 ml of blood (0.08% BAC). The UK government is coming under increasing pressure to lower the UK drink driving levels in line with the most of rest of Europe. Scotland recently announced their plans to lower the limit in Scotland to 50mg/ 100ml (0.05% BAC) in line with France, Ireland and most other EU countries . In some European countries the limits for newly qualified drivers are even lower at 0.02% BAC.

It is thought that this year the police will also be targeting motorists on their way to work who may still be over the limit the morning after.

One thought on “UK Police launch their summer drink driving campaign

  1. I know it’s a wrong place to ask this question but I could’t find any contact email. So: what about drug blood tests in the UK

    1. Is there any place where you can check your blood sample agains drugs
    2. What kind of drugs are police looking for in drugs screen test (in motor drug offence etc.)
    3. Why sometimes choose urine, sometimes blood, sometimes saliva to test?

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