Stoptober campaign a great success

The governement estimates that during its £5.7 million Stoptober campaign this October over quarter of a million people pledged to give up smoking for good. It is estimated that there are about 8 million smokers in the UK .

Research suggests that if you can quit smoking for 4-5 weeks you are more than 5 times likely to stay smoke free for life.

If you were not one of the successful ones its not to late & you can still access support here

It is estimated that every year over 300,000 children under 16 try their first cigarette.

If you are concerned that your children may be smoking you can purchase smoking test kits here

Drugs News-‘Club Drug’ use has increased over last 6 years in UK

A report by the National Treatment Agency has reported an increase in the number of people seeking treatment for ‘club drugs’ over the last 6 years however over the last 12 months the numbers have started to decline.

The ‘club drugs’ include ecstasy,  ketamine & Mephedrone (meow meow )

Find out more here :

For club drug testing kits

Mephedrone News

Statistics released earlier this week showed a rapid increase in deaths in UK from so called ‘legal highs’ betweeen 2009 and 2010 .

Most of these drugs have since been banned and are now illegal and classed as Class B drugs.

One of these drugs is Mephedrone , also known as mcat or meow meow which was responsible for 29 of the 43 deaths that occured after people had taken the now banned group of drugs known as methcathinones.