NF Breathalyzer Kits for France

The Alcosense single use disposable NF breathalyzer kits for France are back in stock at

It is now a legal requirement for anyone driving in France to carry at least one unused NF breathalyzer in their car. At just £4.99 for a twinpack they offer excellent value for money. If you are going to be driving in France this Spring or summer make sure you have at least one.

Breathalyzer Reviews-DA5000 Breathalyzer Review

The DA5000 is an easy to use hand held digital breathalyzer suitable for everyday testing by consumers and business users. A single button operates the breathalyzer which then gives clear tonal guides to assist users as they blow into the DA5000, A clear double bleep is given when adequate sample has been blown and the breathalyzer then calculates and displays the measured blood alcohol concentration equivalent in a digital mg per 100ml display.
The DA5000 is also pre-set with a 50mg/100ml alarm level. This is the European prosecution level (which remains below the current (2012) UK level of 80mg/100ml.
The DA5000 breathalyzer offers excellent value for money. It also offers excellent accuracy and perhaps the lowest cost sensor replacement option of any breathalyser in its class. Expect to change the sensor every 300 tests (if you buy a breathalyzer which has a fixed sensor you will have to return it to a service centre for service after the same period to keep the accuracy)
Changing the breathalyzer sensor can be a little fiddly, needing a philips screwdriver, but once you have done it once then its plain sailing. If you want to pay more for an AL6000 or AL7000 breathalyzer the design offers easier sensor changing, different styling, but no greater accuracy, so for value for money the DA5000 wins.

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