Wholesale Breathalyzer Supplies

Value Breathalyzers and Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd have an extensive range of single use disposable breathalyzer kits in 0.02 % BAC, 0.05% BAC and 0.08% BAC and digital breathalyzers available to trade, NHS & wholesale customers at wholesale prices. We also have an extensive range of drug & alcohol testing kits also available in our wholesale catalogue.

If you are interested in a quote for supplies of wholesale breathalyzer kits, digital breathalyzers or drug and alcohol testing kits then please contact our UK based trade & wholesale customer services team either by e-mail to trade@adtuk.co.uk or telephone 01623 883 830 option 3 during office hours Monday to Friday

For more information on wholesale breathalyzer kits & digital breathalyzers 

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