Nicotine Drug Test Kit

Nicotine Drug Test Kit for urine

Nicotine Drug Test Kit for urine

A Nicotine drug test kit screens for nicotine based chemicals which are absorbed when smoking. These smoking test kits detect if a person has been smoking. The cut off levels are set above any chemical which could be absorbed by passive smoking, so passive inhalation can not be used as an excuse for a positive nicotine drug test.

Nicotine drug tests, called cotinine, or COT are available from UKDrugtesting in a variety of pack sizes, making home testing and employment or healthcare testing an affordable and easy option. Many health authorities buy the smoking test kits to help in their smoking cessation programs and quit smoking campaigns.

Nicotine drug tests take just 5 minutes to do, they are very specific and accurate, and are no more complicated to conduct than doing a home pregnancy test. They detect if someone has smoked in the last 3-5 days before the drug test is done.

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Drug Testing Kits Urine -the pros and cons

Urine drug testing is still by far the most popular choice for most individuals or companies wanting to perform a drug test.

Cup urine drug test kit

E-Z split key integrated urine drug test cup kit

Why is urine drug testing still so popular ?

  1. It is the cheapest way to test for drugs use
  2. Urine drug testing is very quick & easy to do and gives results immediately
  3. The result from a urine drug test is easy to interpret
  4. Urine drug testing kits are highly accurate when compared to GCMS
  5. Urine drug testing kits are very reliable
  6. Urine drug testing kits offer a long detection period compared to saliva drug testing.
  7. The range of drugs that can be tested for currently is much larger than with saliva drug testing
  8. There are internationally agreed cut off levels for the detection of most drugs in urine

Are there any disadvantages to urine drug testing ?

  1. It does involve handling urine samples which can be off putting to some-although if you use an integrated drug testing cup the urine handling is kept to a minimum
  2. Observing sample collection is difficult so confidence in the urine sample is not as high as with a saliva drug test

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