FAQ-What is Ketamine & is there a drug test kit for Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug which historically was used as a veterinary anaesthetic. it is both sedative and an analgesic (pain relief). In humans it can also induce hallucinations.

Ketamine first appeared as a drug of abuse over 40 years ago and grew in popularity, particularly as a club drug and rave drug. Ketamine has been mixed with MDMA and has even been miss sold as Ecstasy. Dependance is more common than with Ecstasy as Ketamine is more sedative. Ketamine is a class C substance in the UK.

A urine drug test kit for ketamine is available. However the relative short half life has made detection problematic. Screening is also hampered by a variety of pills

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Some multi panel drug test kits & integrated drug test cups also test for ketamine.

The Eco cup 10 panel drug testing kit with adulteration strip detects Ketamine & is a very good choice for workplace drug screening for ketamine as it has high accuracy levels and is very simple & easy to use.

The UK Drug Testing professional 10 panel drug testing kit also detects ketamine and is available in a selection of pack sizes including trial size packs. This highly accurate muti-panel urine drug test kit test is ideal for clinics & businesses and is also available in bulk packs.

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K2 Spice Synthetic Cannabis Drug Testing Kits

In recent years the market in synthetic cannabis has expanded along with other legal highs in an attempt to circumvent the law.

Synthetic cannabis is now a class b drug in the UK and a schedule 1 drug in the US

These products remain widely available both through traditional street and club dealers but also via the internet.

Synthetic analogues of Cannabis are made by adding a chemical, principally JWH-018 (1-pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole) and  JWH-073 (which has been shown to produce behavioral effects very similar to THC) to a fibre or plant base material which is then consumed in a similar manner to traditional cannabis or skunk.

These mixtures are sold as K2 or K3 mix, spice, or incense.

Their metabolites are stable and detectable making a reliable screening test for abuse both accurate and specific.

With the growth in popularity we are recommending screening for these drug groups should be added to critical employment role drug screening (HSE testing, critical employment role, random and post incident testing)

Professional packs of 50ng urine strip test drug screens that screen for K2 Spice are available from ukdrugtesting.co.uk

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The UK Drug testing 10 panel urine drug test kit also screens for K2 spice 

Mephedrone MCAT Drug Testing Kits

Mephedrone  also known as Meow Meow, MCAT & Drone is perhaps the best well known of the recent designer drugs and became widely available for a period between 2004 and 2010. It is now illegal in Europe and the US.

Similar to Cathinone in its structure it has been referred to as the poor mans cocaine. No current drug testing kit for Mephedrone exists to reliably detect either the base compound or its metabolites in either urine saliva or blood.

Claims have been made that Methamphetamine drug tests will detect Mephedrone. There  is no chemical similarity between the 2 drugs and Methamphetamine drug tests should always give a negative result if tested on Methedrone. Neither is there any evidence that Methedrone has been mixed in Methamphetamine, so the claim that methamphatamine drug test kits can been used to screen for Mephadrone use are without any factual base.

Since being regulated substitution with similar compounds has occurred, again none of these are similar chemically to Methamphetamine. All remain covered by current UK and EU legislation, but the mephedrone remains available via illegal routes and remains popular.

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