Drug Testing Kits For Parents

We have recently added some more drug testing kits to our range of drug testing kits for parents 

The drug test kits we have selected all test for common drugs of abuse in the UK and are the ones that parents most often request by telephone. We will be adding more test kits & pack sizes to this section of our website over the coming months.

The drug testing kits are all highly accurate and easy to use and test either a urine or saliva sample quickly & easily in the privacy of the home. The results are immediate and do not need to be sent off to a laboratory for confirmation.

We also have a digital breathalyser that is ideal for parents in this section as alcohol is still the most common recreational drug used, and with many teenagers now also being drivers at 17 years of age, being able to breathalyser them is a very useful tool for parents who suspect that they have been drinking.

The drug test kits and breathalysers in this section are also ideal for boarding schools to use and can be used by the house master or mistress if they suspect that at drug has been consumed.

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