Drug testing kits for Cannabis & K2 spice (Synthetic Cannabis )

Drug testing kits for Cannabis can detect cannabis use for up to 28 days, Most drug testing kits for cannabis will detect both the parent cannabis drug and the metabolite of cannabis, the first break down product as the body metabolises and breaks down the cannabis drug, clearing it from the body. The most reliable type of drug testing kits for cannabis are urine cannabis drug tests. These cannabis drug testing kits give the longest detection times, longer than saliva drug testing kits for cannabis. Urine drug testing kits for synthetic cannabis or K2 are also available.  This is sometimes sold as spice mix, K2 spice.

Not all drug testing after cannabis use will remain positive for 28 days, this is only the case after regular heavy long term usage. Most urine cannabis drug testing kits will remain positive for cannabis for 5-7 days after a single exposure. UKDrugTesting is about to launch a new multi sensitivity cannabis urine drug test with cut off levels at 4 sensitivities. This will give a semi quantitive indication of the actual urinary cannabis drug levels at the time of testing and allow clearance of the cannabis drug and metabolite to be monitored in users.

Drug testing kits for cannabis in saliva have a shorter detection period after use. They are ideal where testing needs to indicate recent usage or actual intoxication as they will become positive within a very short time os use. This makes them ideal for workplace cannabis drug testing, especially in HSE critical employment settings, where historic use needs to be isolated from recent and current use.

Drug testing kits for Cannabis start from around £1 per test. Professional quality urine drug testing kits for single drugs including Cannabis are available for UK Drug Testing

Individual drug testing kits for cannabis are available in cassette (with pipette) formats and dip strip formats and as part of a range of multi panel drug testing dip cards and integrated collection cup and drug panel cup drug tests.

Drug testing for Cannabis is now historically established in many industries and most multi panel urine and saliva drug testing kits contain a membrane to test for Cannabis use. Employers considering introducing cannabis drug testing in the workplace should consider cannabis drug testing in combination with drug tests for Cocaine, Amphetamine, Opiates and Methamphetamine. This combination covers most commonly abused UK drug groups and will not be criticised as anything but comprehensive by insurers and HSE and ISO inspectorate. Other additional drug groups should be considered if there is a known local usage, or regional problems in the demographic being targeted.

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