E Z Drug Test Kits |The E Z integrated drug test kit from InstAlert

Cup urine drug test kit

E-Z cup urine drug testing kit

E-Z drug test kit cups have been available for over 15 years, first introduced under the instAlert (Acon) branding in the UK by Access Diagnostics. The E Z drug test has proved a popular and reliable product design, and has proved popular with both the drug treatment agencies and also with business users who wish to perform urine drug testing in the workplace.

The integrated urine collection and storage cup with built in drug test panel offers easy sample collection, and spill free storage and handling. The Split cup design retains the original sample and just feeds a small quantity onto the integrated drug test kit panel. In this way the sample remains un-adulterated by contact with either the panel or any third party contaminant or adulterants.

The urine drug test panel gives immediate on-site results to NIDA cut off levels for up to 10 drug groups.

Negative urine samples can be disgarded, while any positive urine samples can be retained, sealed with tamper proof seals (provided in all professional 25 test packs) and sent for laboratory comfirmation.

The E-Z urine drug test cup is available in a range of urine drug test combination from 5 to 10 drug groups depending on the requirments of the end user from UK Drug Testing

The EZ collection cup system offers an ideal urine drug test system where facilities for sample collection and processing may be limited. The Instalert professional standard urine drug test membrane supplied as standard offers high accuracy and detection rates to CE EU IVDD standards, and is considered one of the best near patient urine drug screening products available.

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