Which drug test kits are the best ?

Saliva drug test kits are for many the best choice

Saliva drug test kits are for many the best choice

Our customer services team at www.ukdrugtesting.co.uk  are often asked by customers ”Which drug test kits are the best ?”

There is not a simple answer to this as it depends in what context you are using them.

Nearly all drug testing kits will be between 97 and 99% accurate when the manufacturers instructions are followed. This quoted accuracy is compared to the laboratory gold standard drug test GC/MS method. To get results this accurate the instructions have to be followed and the test kit and the sample have to be at room temperature and the test kit stored correctly and well within its use by date.

Beyond making sure the test is conducted as above the best test kit is the one which tests for the drugs of interest and not lots of other drugs which are not of interest, (but you have paid for on the test panel) So part of the choice has to be matching a suitable drug test kit from the supplier, which just has the drug parameters on it you want to test for. UKDrugtesting has perhaps the the largest choice of panels and single tests, so if you don’t know which drugs you need to screen for or can’t find the perfect combination drug test panel, phone them, and they will guide you to the most cost effective panel option. If you need a specific combination we may even be able to have it manufactured for you.

Finally, are urine drug testing kits better than saliva drug testing kits ?

Well, urine test kits will detect further back in time, are usually cheaper, but you do have to handle urine. This makes the choice simple for most buyers who find the simplicity and direct, collection to testing option of a saliva drug test kit. The cost of saliva drug tests has come down a lot recently and there is now a full range of drug groups to choose from in saliva formats.

For the best drug test kits, imported and stored correctly, manufactured by reputable factories, buy from an established importing distributor who sells to both professional, healthcare and individual buyers.