Are drug testing kits available on the UK high street ?

Over the last few months there have been several stories about drug testing kits going on sale in chemists and pharmacies on the UK high street in cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow & London.

So far very few chemists in the UK stock the testing kits, but it is likely that we will see an increasing number of pharmacies trialling the kits.

We may even reach a situation in a few years where they become available in supermarkets, in the same way that pregnancy & ovulation tests are.

It is likely that they will initially be available in small independent pharmacies & some small pharmacy chains, but they may later become available in larger chains such as Boots & Lloyds.

It is also likely that they will only be available in large cities to begin with such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham etc and that the drug test combinations on offer will be fairly limited.

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