Oral drug test kits

Oral drug test kits

Oral drug test kits

Oral drug test kits have improved enormously in the last couple of years and the range of drugs that can now be tested is far greater. Some of the latest introductions such as the Oral Swab Cube shown in the picture are now available in combinations including a a 5 panel, 7 panel, 11 panel and 12 panel drug test , meaning that the number of drugs screened for is much greater. The 11 and 12 panel oral cubes also screen for alcohol.

For many companies oral tests are now the drug testing kits of choice particularly where testing needs to be done quickly on sites such as building sites, or roadside or track side.

The choice of drug groups included on these test kits is now almost as good as the comparable range of urine drug test membranes and the accuracy is just as good. Oral fluid sampling has the great advantage of being easy to perform anywhere, and can be directly observed, ensuring the sample has come directly from the donor, without any risk of dilution or tampering (adulteration).  This is a massive advantage for occupational and employment drug screening operatives, making it possible to conduct these drug tests in office, factory or on site locations

The modern design of the swab cube and swab tube incorporates the collection sponge on the screw lid (handle) which discharges the sample onto the drug test membranes as the lid is screwed into the body of the cube/tube. This design enables a true single step procedure, with no sample handling or transfer required. Once sealed the sample is leak proof. The only procedural problem we see occurring is insufficient saturation of the sponge, with too little saliva sample to wet all the test membranes.  To avoid this problem, simply ensure the sponge is super saturated with saliva and not removed too quickly from the mouth of the donor.

Results are easy to read. No additional test equipment is needed to conduct these drug tests other than a timer. Clear positive and negative results are shown for each of the drug tests included in the combination and testing takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

As with all instant drug test screening kits, positive results should be confirmed using an approved laboratory method. Oral drug tests offer a great and affordable way of screening all the negative results out, without paying for laboratory tests on every sample and having to wait for the results to be reported.

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Breathalysers to be used in nightclubs across UK

This year several police forces across the country have started to issue breathalysers, or encourage the nightclubs to purchase breathalysers, to check that people entering the nightclub are not already dangerously drunk, when they enter the clubs.

Recent years have seen a large increase in the number of individuals who pre-load on cheap supermarket wine, extra strength beers & lagers & spirits, before going out to the city centre clubs. One of the reasons for this are that supermarket alcohol is very much cheaper than in clubs where the prices for drinks can be very high. Often the pre-loading is with shorts which causes large amounts of alcohol to enter the system very rapidly.

The new initiative is an attempt to reduce the amount of drunkeness that occurs particularly at weekends in many of our city centres across the UK and to reduce the number of crimes & injuries attributable to this level of alcohol consumption.

The new breathalyser initiative also has a benefit for the nightclubs, who find that if individuals are already drunk when they arrive they are unlikely to spend much at the bars and they are more likely to cause trouble in the nightclubs.

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