Breathalysers to be used in nightclubs across UK

This year several police forces across the country have started to issue breathalysers, or encourage the nightclubs to purchase breathalysers, to check that people entering the nightclub are not already dangerously drunk, when they enter the clubs.

Recent years have seen a large increase in the number of individuals who pre-load on cheap supermarket wine, extra strength beers & lagers & spirits, before going out to the city centre clubs. One of the reasons for this are that supermarket alcohol is very much cheaper than in clubs where the prices for drinks can be very high. Often the pre-loading is with shorts which causes large amounts of alcohol to enter the system very rapidly.

The new initiative is an attempt to reduce the amount of drunkeness that occurs particularly at weekends in many of our city centres across the UK and to reduce the number of crimes & injuries attributable to this level of alcohol consumption.

The new breathalyser initiative also has a benefit for the nightclubs, who find that if individuals are already drunk when they arrive they are unlikely to spend much at the bars and they are more likely to cause trouble in the nightclubs.

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