Can you buy home drug testing kits from a chemist ?

Drug testing kits UK

Drug testing kits UK

We are often asked can you buy home drug testing kits from a chemist in the UK ?

In the USA drug testing kits are more widely available than they are in the UK, and can be purchased from pharmacies in much the same way as pregnancy tests & other health screening tests.

As in most things we are often several years behind the US in these matters, so drug test kits are only available in a limited number of independent chemists and pharmacies in the UK, and most sales of drug testing kits in the UK are still online.

If you are a pharmacist or independent chemist and would like to find out more about drug testing, and whether this is a service that you could offer your customers, or if you would like to stock drug and alcohol test kits in your chemist then please get in touch by e-mail to

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New alcohol breath tester

Test and Drive Alcohol tester

Test and Drive Alcohol tester

This month we have a new alcohol tester in stock.  The Drive and Test alcohol tester is unique in the marketplace in that it gives semi quantative readings at 0.0 0.2 0.5 & 0.8%o equivalent blood alcohol levels.

It is ideal for self testing and because it gives readings at multiple levels can be used in England, Scotland or France

The alcohol tester is very simple 7 easy to use and interpret giving accurate & reliable results within 2 minutes

The alcohol tester is small & easily carried in your pocket, jacket pocket, handbag or in the glovebox of your car.

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Drug testing kits reviews

We have started to do video reviews of the all the drug testing kits that we stock, as we thought you may find this helpful.

In the videos we show you the drug test kits,  discuss how to use them, we show you the test kits in use, and discuss how to interpret the results and discuss common drug testing queries in relation to each test kit.

If you would like to see the reviews you need to go to Valuemed You Tube channel drug testing kits reviews playlist