Can you buy home drug testing kits from a chemist ?

Drug testing kits UK

Drug testing kits UK

We are often asked can you buy home drug testing kits from a chemist in the UK ?

In the USA drug testing kits are more widely available than they are in the UK, and can be purchased from pharmacies in much the same way as pregnancy tests & other health screening tests.

As in most things we are often several years behind the US in these matters, so drug test kits are only available in a limited number of independent chemists and pharmacies in the UK, and most sales of drug testing kits in the UK are still online.

If you are a pharmacist or independent chemist and would like to find out more about drug testing, and whether this is a service that you could offer your customers, or if you would like to stock drug and alcohol test kits in your chemist then please get in touch by e-mail to

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