ETG Urine Alcohol Test Strips

Nick named the 80 hour alcohol test, ETG, a metabolite of ethanol is now a test option for alcohol screening in the UK.

The detection of ETG in urine shoes that alcohol has been ingested in the 72 hours before the test. What can not be determined is the quantity, the timing or the resultant blood levels.

As a zero tolerance screen for alcohol exposure it is ideal, giving a positive indicator long after no ethanol is detectable in urine or saliva.

ETG testing as a part of workplace screening is less clear. Alcohol ingestion in the 72 hours before testing will not be of use to most employers.

We think ETG will be of use in clinical trial and alcohol treatment programs, including healthcare environments where alcohol avoidance or abstinence in s constitute part of ongoing treatment.

ETG alcohol test strips are now available in single strip set formats from