Breathalyser kits for Scotland, France and Ireland

If you need a breathalyser to use in France, Scotland or Ireland make sure that you select the right cut off levels as the drink drive levels are lower in these countries at 0.05% BAC than they are in England , Wales & Northern Ireland which are still at the higher level of 0.08% BAC.

As many UK business drivers cross the channel regularly on business, it is important for them to remember the lower drink drive levels in France. The lower limit means it is very easy to be over the limit , and the best option is not to drink any alcohol when you need to drive shortly afterwards, as even one drink could put you over the limit. It also important to remember the morning after alcohol levels after late night drinking could still take you easily over the lower 0.05% BAC level.

It is also very easy to forget the new lower limit in Scotland is 0.05% BAC, which could easily catch drivers out, who are used to the higher 0.08 % BAC.

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