What is tested in a pre employment drug test

What drugs are tested for in a pre employment drug test ?

Pre employment drug and alcohol screening is now a common part of many evaluation tests, particularly for key employment roles in transport, construction and a growing number of support services and contract staff.

Employers are seeking to reduce their liability to accident and HSE risk. Drugs and alcohol are seen as an identifiable risk factor, and screening tests have never been cheaper, more reliable or easy to perform.

An increasing number of drug tests are now done using saliva tests. This is easy, direct and need no special environment to facilitate collection, making them convenient for employers to conduct even where a full medical is not being conducted.

Most drug screens will include a test for the 5 key or base line drugs. These are Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Opiates (heroin) and Methamphetamine. Added to this base will be Benzodiazepines and possibly Methadone, depending on demographics and local problem drugs.

The combination of Amphetamine and methamphetamine ensures that most “party pills” will be detected as most will contain traces of one or the other.

Increasingly employers are looking to add Ketamine and other synthetic and legal highs to the drug screen, drug tests are now available for K2 synthetic cannabis, and Mephadrone (M Cat)

Urine drug testing will detect most substances for at least 3-5 days after use. Moving to a saliva screen reduces this to between 12 hours and 3 days.

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LSD drug testing strips

LSD urine drug test kit UK

LSD urine drug test kit

Until recently it has not been possible to do a quick urine drug screen for LSD. The technology has simply not existed, leaving the only option as an expensive and slow sample to lab test taking 3-4 days to process

Now for the first time UKDrugTesting can offer an instant POCT (point of care test kit) for LSD screening in a sample of urine. Results are now available immediately at the site of the test.

The LSD test strip membrane is a new development and comes onto the UK market in late 2015. The product has full CE quality marks and is also FDA approved for US sales. LSD can be detected for up to 5 days after it has been taken.

As a new product the LSD drug test is more expensive than the older established test strips, but if demand and use increase the cost per test should
start to fall in 2016.

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