Workplace 12 drug saliva drug testing kit with saliva indicator. Ideal on site employment drug testing kit.

New on the UK market for 2016 is the Saliva Confirm Premium 12 in 1 saliva drug and alcohol testing kit with a built in saliva indicator in the collection device. This is an ideal saliva drug test kits for employers and is well suited for on site drug screening in workplace settings, giving 11 drug results and a UK HSE alcohol level screen of 0.02% BAC test in under 10 minutes.

The new oral drug and alcohol test kit is available to purchase online,  from both of our UK drug testing kits web sites, and is available for next day UK delivery.

Its the most comprehensive saliva drug screen available on the market, and allows companies to run a cost efficient, comprehensive drug screening program, without the need to collect urine, as a front line method of screening.

Generally companies prefer saliva screening as its quick, easy and hygienic. There are no chain of custody issues with collecting the sample. No urine handling for all the negative, clear test candidates, and the costs are coming down, making it more affordable.

As with all onsite drug testing, we recommend the urine workplace confirmation drug test pack with full accreditation and chain of custody for all non negative test results. Moving to a urine confirmation, while not ideal, keeps business’s fully compliant with best practice and the backing of a fully accredited UK lab certificate of confirmation for tribunal and disciplinary hearings.

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Wholesale alcohol breathalyzer kits

wholesale breathalyser

Wholesale alcohol breath tester kits

We have added the bulk packs of the single use disposable test and drive alcohol breathalyzer test kits to our wholesale website.

This breath tester is unique, in that it gives results for 3 different levels of alcohol, so  is effectively a 3 in 1 alcohol breath test, making it suitable for UK limits, French limits, Scottish limits and most of EU. It gives a result for the following levels:

It is the most advanced single use disposable alcohol breath test available in the UK currently. It is very simple and easy to use , and provides a cost effective and accurate 1st line alcohol screening tool for businesses and individuals. It is small and discrete and can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag / purse.  They are available in bulk packs of 30 test kits. Each test is individually wrapped. They are ideal for resale either OTC or online.

Buy Test and Drive Alcohol Test single use breathalyser kits wholesale