Alcohol tests detection periods

Testing for alcohol onsite has until recently been limited to measuring a real time alcohol level, either in saliva or breath. Options include single use breathalysers, digital breathalysers and saliva alcohol test strips. All work well at measuring the alcohol levels at the time of testing, but all are dependent on alcohol still being present in the system at the point of testing

Real time alcohol testing is appropriate for workplace and driving, but many healthcare tests need to detect alcohol use, not level. Looking back in time for alcohol exposure and heavy use, has until now been limited to laboratory test, either Liver function tests, measuring the elevated levels of enzymes associated with chronic alcohol use or hair strand analysis. Both take time and are expensive.

ETG alcohol test strip kit

ETG alcohol test strips

Released in 2015 is the new ETG 80 hour urine alcohol screen. A simple dip test which will detect alcohol metabolite ETG for up to 72 hours after alcohol is last broken down, giving a possible window of detection of 80 hours.

ETG urine testing is ideal for healthcare compliance testing, insurance assessment testing and for workplace  environmental testing where zero alcohol policies exist (oil rig, gas rigs etc)

ETG is a specific breakdown product of ethanol, making it a specific test for ethanol (alcohol ) use.