What to look for when choosing workplace drug test kits

Workplace drug test kits

Oral fluid drug test kits are popular choice for workplace testing

Workplace drug test kits can confuse companies. Why ? Well, no where can you find a definitive list of what you should be testing for.  Why is that ? Simple. There is no, one fits all drug testing product. Why is that ? Well there is no such thing as a standard employee.

Workplace drug test kits need to fit your workplace demographic. And most importantly, they need to fit in with your testing plans.

Choose saliva or urine for your screening test kit. Either is fine. Most companies prefer saliva, not just because sampling is easy, but because the pick up rates are lower. This may sound strange, don’t you want to detect everything ? Well everything you find, you have to respond to, and not everything a urine test will shows still metabolising its way out of the donors system, will be affecting their ability to do their ( non safety critical ) job at 9am on a Monday morning.

Pick a workplace drug test kit with just the drug groups you want to screen for, and make sure you have access to laboratory confirmation tests for all the on site drug groups you may need to confirm.

6 or 7 drug groups are all most companies screen for, the big ones are Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin (opiates) Amphetamine, Methamphetamine and Benzodiazepines. Road side police checks can contain methadone screens, so if you test drivers consider adding this. If your demographic is young consider adding the party drugs, Ecstasy, Synthetic Cannabis, Ketamine, and inceasingly Tramadol to the screen.

The big exception, where we suggest urine cup screening is pre-employment, recruitment agency, railside and construction industry drug testing. In truth, any employment role with a safety critical element, warrants urine drug screening, and you will find some specific 10 and 11 drug compliant drug test cups available on our web site selections.

For more advice and information on choosing the right workplace drug test kits for your company contact UK Drug Testing 

What does a faint line on a urine drug test strip mean ?

faint line drug test strips

The drug test strip on the right-hand side has a very faint T line

We recently received this question below via e-mail about interpreting faint lines on urine drug test strips.

Hi was wondering if you could help. I recently purchased some single-use cocaine tests strips. One test I did came out with the positive line straight away, then a very faint negative line appeared. When I read the info on the leaflet it said that faint lines should be read as negative so I’m now confused. I was sure it was positive as it was so clear and the other line was so faint. Can you help, please?

How to interpret a faint line

In this question, it is not specified at what time the test was read. It is possible for the test to appear to be a positive result initially ( i.e. no line which then turns negative within the test time (T line visible ) If the test line appears within the specified time in the instructions it is a negative result even if it is very faint. If you are unsure you can always send us a photo of the result and we will be able to advise further.

Read UK Drug Testing FAQ section for advice on reading faint lines on drug tests