Alcohol Testing Strips

Alcohol testing strips have been designed to test human saliva for alcohol but can also be used to detect alcohol in any fluid including drinks. They boxes of 25 professional alcohol testing strips are ideal for use in the workplace or clinic setting and at just £22.99 per pack of 25 individually wrapped testing kits offer excellent value for money.

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Alcohol test strip kit

DAL-701 is a professional standard alcohol test kit supplied in packs of 25 alcohol test strips or bulk 250 alcohol test packs.

The alcohol test is a professional In Vitro Medical Diagnostic test IVDD CE certified for professional alcohol detection in saliva. A simple saliva sample is taken and added to a reactive pad on the alcohol test strip. The colour change at 2 minutes indicates a semi quantative blood alcohol level at the time of sampling.

The alcohol test is also widely used to dip into other liquids as an instant test for alcohol. The result is not semi-quantative if the fluid tested is not saliva. Care must be taken to avoid liquids containing strong azo blue dyes, high caffeine levels and extreme pH products, but considering these limitations the test makes a very cost effective immediate point of test alcohol screen with the option of immediate saliva testing to evaluate blood alcohol levels if alcohol comsuption is suspected.

Alcohol test information

Government seek good practice approach to underage drinking

Every local authority is being sent a good practice guide to help them tackle underage drinking.

Policies involving police,trading standards, youth and childrens services have been developed.

Additional funding is also being targeted at youth crime action plan areas to fund police enforcement and detection, with many police forces and councils now being funded for the purchase of instant alcohol detection tests, simple dip tests which can be used to detect alcohol disguised in other liquids on the streets. Alcohol dip tests with IVDD saliva capability can also then test a saliva sample to indicate the actual blood alcohol concentration.

Alcohol Testing Strips-quick and easy way to check if under age drinkers are drinking alcohol

Alcohol testing strips are a quick and easy way to test if a fluid contains alcohol.

Designed originally to test saliva for the presence of alcohol, they can also be used to test any fluid for the presence of alcohol.

One particularly good use has been the testing of soft drinks for the presence of alcohol. Police forces across the country have been using alcohol test strips for this purpose now for several years, with excellent results. They can also be used at youth clubs, discos etc.

The alcohol test strips are individually foil wrapped and can easily be carried in a pocket. The strips are very simple & easy  to use . Simply dip the alcohol test strip into the liquid that is being tested and a pad on the strip changes colour if alcohol is present.

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