Which is the best personal breathalyser to buy for 2013-2014

A common question at this time of year, as a personal breathalyser can be a great christmas gift or stocking filler, and may save a life or a driving license. The best breathalyser to buy depends on what you wish to use it for.

Best personal breathalyzer for France & Europe

If you are looking for an breathalyser for travelling in France, then it depends how frequently you are likely to be using it. If you are likely to use it frequently then an digital breathalyser makes a very good choice.

if you are only going to be needing the breathalyser occasionally, then opt for a cheap disposable breathalyser kit  with blow bags

Best personal breathalyser for UK 

Again it depends on how often you are likely to use it. If it is a very occasional use then opt for a disposable breathalyser kit . They come in a range of sensitivity, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

if you are likely to be using the breathalyser quite frequently then opt for a digital breathalyser such as the DA5000 digital breathalyser or the AL6000 digital breathalyser. They are both reliable & robust breathalysers, that have stood the test of time, and offer excellent value for money.

I would avoid spending less than this on a digital breathalyser, as you really do get what you pay for with them. The very cheap keyring breathalysers that are available, are just fun novelty items, and their readings should not be relied upon.

Why buy a personal breathalyser ?

We all need to be more aware of our alcohol consumption, and how it affects our abilities to perform tasks such as driving, and a breathalyser can help with this.

A zero tolerance to drinking and driving is by far the safest option ( i.e. if you are driving then abstain from drinking ) Many drivers are caught out, because they do not realise that alcohol can still be in their blood many hours or even the next morning after drinking, and that the absorption & therefore the blood levels of alcohol is affected by many factors.

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Best Breathalyzer to buy in UK for Christmas 2012

Oh no I can’t believe we have got to that time of year again already. Time does fly

We always have an increased number of telephone enquiries at this time of year as the festive & office party season approaches asking ”what is the best breathalyzer to buy ?”

Here are some of the questions we have received recently by telephone:

Question ‘Hi, I am going to a few office parties over the next few months and want to make sure I dont break the law by driving after alcohol, especially the next morning. What would you recommend ?

Answer We would suggest a 3 test pack of 0.08% single use breath alcohol test tubes to keep in you glove box. These are simple blow tube chemical breathalyzers which you use once and throw away after use.  They change colour if your blood alcohol is at the UK prosecution level of 0.08% BAC or above. If you want to be really safe you can also get them in the lower European 0.05%BAC or Professional 0.02%BAC cutt off formats. If you dont use the breathalyzers this year they have  long use by dates.

Disposable Breathalyzer kits


Question :We will be organising office parties with alcohol this season and need to ensure we dont encourage any staff to work or drive while under the influence, What is the best test option for us to use ?

Answer :Our recommendation depends on the estimate of the number of tests you realistically expect to complete. If it is less than 20 then a bulk professional pack of .02% BAC single use breathalyzers is the best option. Over 20 tests and we move to the digital hand held breathalyzers, starting with the DA5000 breathalyzer. I would also consider the AL6000 and AL7000 breathalyzer models if you expect to test regularly and would also like a breathalyzer for regular or standby employment tests as the sensor change is easier and faster in the more expensive models.

If you do go for a digital breathalyzer, make sure you get a unit which displays the %BAC or mg/100ml BAC (blood alcohol concentrations) as this makes interpreting the results easier. Also make sure you buy sufficient breathalyzer mouthpieces or blow tubes to throw them away after each test and that you can get a replacement sensor for the breathalyzer easily, as you will need to replace this about every 300 tests.

Reccomended digital breathalyzers


Breathalyzer mouthpieces


You can buy a digital breathalyzer online from the extensive range at http://valuebreathalysers.co.uk/

Breathalyzer Buying Guide | Best Breathalyzer Review

Seasonal drink driving awareness is upon us again and the purchase of digital breathalyzer products increases as individual and business purchasers seek to protect and educate. Breathalyzers are often criticised for allowing or tempting users to drink and then drive while under the prosecution limits, but none the less under the influence of alcohol. In practice their use is far more commonly restricted to individuals testing that all alcohol has gone the morning after a social event, prior to considering driving, and company and business policy is more safety orientated and educational versus punative.

There are a large number of breathalyzers on the market which make choosing which one is right for your needs difficult. With this is mind we thought it would be useful to do breathalyzer buying guide, to help make choosing a breathalyzer easier.

Lets start with breathalyzer terminology which in itself can be confusing. Most breathalyzers either diplay BAC or BrAC

BAC = Blood alcohol concentration commonly displayed as a percentage %BAC or mg/100ml

BrAC = Breath alcohol concentration

Few breathlysers display in BrAC, most are mg/100ml BAC display units, doing the electronic conversion for the tester. These scales can be confusing, but just remember all European prosecutions are on the basis of eqivalent BAC levels, so a simple BAC display is best.

Do you require a fuel cell breathalyser or is a semi conductor sensor adequate ? Well fuel sensors do offer a small amount of greater accuracy, but at the levels we are talking about this 4th decimel place is simply irrelavent to all but scientific researchers. If you insist on a fuel cell breathalyzer,  you are going to pay a lot more and have to return the breathalyzer to a service centre for calibration service every few months to maintain the accuracy.

Go for a semi conductor sensor breathalyser model with changeable sensor modules. Simply replace the sensor module when the breathalyzer instructs with a new pre-calibrated sensor and never have to send the unit away for service. Models start from under £40 and the sensors are under half the price of a service centre calibration. Most semi conductor breathalyzers give 3 decimel place accuracy (more than enough for all self and business testers)

Best value breathalyzers this season remain the DA5000 , with the AL6000 and AL7000 models coming a close second

Which is the best digital breathalyzer for me ?

This is a common question that we are asked.

With the party season fast approaching, many individuals and businesses are looking to purchase a breathalyser for breath alcohol testing, the morning after the night before. With so many digital breathalyzers on the market at the present time, knowing which one to choose can be quite confusing.

The three digital breathalyzers that we recommend currently are the DA5000 (£40.85), the AL6000 (£70.50) and the AL7000 (£84.60) .

They are all easy to use, robust & accurate. They all use mouthpieces & have changeable sensors which can be easily changed by the user when required.

DIY Digital Breathalysers-which are the best ?

The choice is large and often confusing, so we thought we would try to guide potential buyers with the key features to look for in a personal digital breathalyser.

Higher price does not always mean higher accuracy, as the expensive breathalyser models are designed to be serviced regularly to maintain their accuracy and don’t have on board self diagnostics.

Here are some key points to consider when buying a DIY digital breathalyser:

1) Insist on interchangeable sensors – without this you are tied to sending the breathalyser regularly to a service centre for calibration services.

2) The breathalyser must have selectivity of no less than +/-0.01% BAC which is the same as +/- 10mg/100ml BAC. (avoid units with +/-0.02% and over)

3) Choose your display scale and stick to it, most digital breathalysers either display as %BAC or mg/100ml BAC  (BAC=Blood Alcohol Concentration) don’t confuse this with BrAC .(Breath Alcohol Concentration) which is available but rarer.

4) Be realistic, under £25 and you are getting a novelty device which you should not rely upon. Expect to pay £35-£70 for a digital breathalyser which will work well, give reliable readings, cost £15-20 to replace the sensor (every 300 tests or 6 monthly)

Our recommendation remains the DA5000 for all round value for money and accuracy £39.99 with free UK delivery, low cost sensors and mouth pieces (for personal use you don’t need to buy extras, they are washable and re-usable) In our opinion this is currently the best value breathalyzer on the market for personal use.

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Digital Breathalysers at under £50.00

Many breathalysers are available on the European market, and the choice for consumers is confusing, with many seemingly similar breathalyzers making claims on accuracy, value and performance.

Whichever breathalyzer takes your fancy here are some key features to consider when choosing a digital breathalyser to buy:

  • All digital breathalysers will require calibration service regularly to keep them accurate
  • Breathalysers offering changeable sensors avoid you having to send the complete breathalyzer back to a service centre
  • Breathalyzers taking mouth pieces give more accurate results than “blow at the hole” models
  • Breathalyser should take standard batteries
  • Buy from a reputable established breathalyzer dealer, your warrantee is with the UK supplier.

I recommend avoiding key ring and micro breathalyzers. They are not reliable for long periods, and are unlikely to be cost effective to service, so these very cheap breathalyzers should be viewed as consumable novelty items. I would not personally rely on one!

Expect to pay between £30 and £50 for a reliable digital breathalyser which is likely to meet your expectations of reliability, build quality and accuracy. In this price range I recommend the DA5000 digital breathalyser with pro mg/100ml BAC display