Which is the best personal breathalyser to buy for 2013-2014

A common question at this time of year, as a personal breathalyser can be a great christmas gift or stocking filler, and may save a life or a driving license. The best breathalyser to buy depends on what you wish to use it for.

Best personal breathalyzer for France & Europe

If you are looking for an breathalyser for travelling in France, then it depends how frequently you are likely to be using it. If you are likely to use it frequently then an digital breathalyser makes a very good choice.

if you are only going to be needing the breathalyser occasionally, then opt for a cheap disposable breathalyser kit  with blow bags

Best personal breathalyser for UK 

Again it depends on how often you are likely to use it. If it is a very occasional use then opt for a disposable breathalyser kit . They come in a range of sensitivity, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

if you are likely to be using the breathalyser quite frequently then opt for a digital breathalyser such as the DA5000 digital breathalyser or the AL6000 digital breathalyser. They are both reliable & robust breathalysers, that have stood the test of time, and offer excellent value for money.

I would avoid spending less than this on a digital breathalyser, as you really do get what you pay for with them. The very cheap keyring breathalysers that are available, are just fun novelty items, and their readings should not be relied upon.

Why buy a personal breathalyser ?

We all need to be more aware of our alcohol consumption, and how it affects our abilities to perform tasks such as driving, and a breathalyser can help with this.

A zero tolerance to drinking and driving is by far the safest option ( i.e. if you are driving then abstain from drinking ) Many drivers are caught out, because they do not realise that alcohol can still be in their blood many hours or even the next morning after drinking, and that the absorption & therefore the blood levels of alcohol is affected by many factors.

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Breathalyzer Reviews-DA5000 Breathalyzer Review

The DA5000 is an easy to use hand held digital breathalyzer suitable for everyday testing by consumers and business users. A single button operates the breathalyzer which then gives clear tonal guides to assist users as they blow into the DA5000, A clear double bleep is given when adequate sample has been blown and the breathalyzer then calculates and displays the measured blood alcohol concentration equivalent in a digital mg per 100ml display.
The DA5000 is also pre-set with a 50mg/100ml alarm level. This is the European prosecution level (which remains below the current (2012) UK level of 80mg/100ml.
The DA5000 breathalyzer offers excellent value for money. It also offers excellent accuracy and perhaps the lowest cost sensor replacement option of any breathalyser in its class. Expect to change the sensor every 300 tests (if you buy a breathalyzer which has a fixed sensor you will have to return it to a service centre for service after the same period to keep the accuracy)
Changing the breathalyzer sensor can be a little fiddly, needing a philips screwdriver, but once you have done it once then its plain sailing. If you want to pay more for an AL6000 or AL7000 breathalyzer the design offers easier sensor changing, different styling, but no greater accuracy, so for value for money the DA5000 wins.

Buy DA5000 online in UK

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Best Breathalyzer to buy in UK for Christmas 2012

Oh no I can’t believe we have got to that time of year again already. Time does fly

We always have an increased number of telephone enquiries at this time of year as the festive & office party season approaches asking ”what is the best breathalyzer to buy ?”

Here are some of the questions we have received recently by telephone:

Question ‘Hi, I am going to a few office parties over the next few months and want to make sure I dont break the law by driving after alcohol, especially the next morning. What would you recommend ?

Answer We would suggest a 3 test pack of 0.08% single use breath alcohol test tubes to keep in you glove box. These are simple blow tube chemical breathalyzers which you use once and throw away after use.  They change colour if your blood alcohol is at the UK prosecution level of 0.08% BAC or above. If you want to be really safe you can also get them in the lower European 0.05%BAC or Professional 0.02%BAC cutt off formats. If you dont use the breathalyzers this year they have  long use by dates.

Disposable Breathalyzer kits


Question :We will be organising office parties with alcohol this season and need to ensure we dont encourage any staff to work or drive while under the influence, What is the best test option for us to use ?

Answer :Our recommendation depends on the estimate of the number of tests you realistically expect to complete. If it is less than 20 then a bulk professional pack of .02% BAC single use breathalyzers is the best option. Over 20 tests and we move to the digital hand held breathalyzers, starting with the DA5000 breathalyzer. I would also consider the AL6000 and AL7000 breathalyzer models if you expect to test regularly and would also like a breathalyzer for regular or standby employment tests as the sensor change is easier and faster in the more expensive models.

If you do go for a digital breathalyzer, make sure you get a unit which displays the %BAC or mg/100ml BAC (blood alcohol concentrations) as this makes interpreting the results easier. Also make sure you buy sufficient breathalyzer mouthpieces or blow tubes to throw them away after each test and that you can get a replacement sensor for the breathalyzer easily, as you will need to replace this about every 300 tests.

Reccomended digital breathalyzers


Breathalyzer mouthpieces


You can buy a digital breathalyzer online from the extensive range at http://valuebreathalysers.co.uk/

AL6000 Breathalyzer UK Review

The AL6000 Breathalyzer has now been available in the UK for almost 10 years. As it is one of the most popular digital breathalyzers in the UK we decided to review it first.

What we like about the AL6000

  • Great design, smart professional looking digital breathalyzer
  • Ergonomic design, fits in your hand comfortably
  • Reliable & robust in every day use
  • Comes supplied with batteries
  • Suppled with 5 professional breathalyzer mouthpieces which can be re-used, if it has just been purchased for personal use.
  • The latest models of Al6000 give the buyer the ability to change the sensor every 300 tests, fitting a new pre-calibrated sensor, set by the manufacturer for accuracy.
  • Easy to change sensor-simply pull out old one, push new one in (no screwdriver or technical expertise required)
  • The AL6000 breathalyzer does not have to be sent away for service.
  • Replacement batteries easily available-takes 2AA batteries
  • Replacement sensors for AL6000 are inexpensive & widely available for around £17-20 pounds
  • The Al6000 breathalyzer is able to give accuracy of +/_ 0.1%BAC at 1.0%BAC, this means that a test result of 0.10%BAC should not vary by more than 0.09% to 1.1%BAC in a close series of sucessive tests.
  • The semiconductor sensor is tough and resists clogging and corrosion as well as any of the other breathalyzers of a similar price.
  • With careful use you should expect around 300 accurate tests from each sensor, but this is dependent on careful useage and storage and to a degree, the levels of alcohol measured.
  • Replacement mouthpieces widely available and inexpensive.
  • The AL6000 breathalyzer offers excellent value for money at around £58

Things to take into consideration if purchasing an AL6000 breathalyzer or a replacement sensor

  • Smokers should expect shorter sensor life as tar and CO do not mix well with alcohol sensors.
  • Be sure to ventilate the breathalyzer well after use as condensation can cause the sensor to rust and fail if it is packed away immediately after use.
  • When purchasing al Al6000 breathalyzer it is important to buy a unit with the correct display option, as this cannot be changed later and is fixed at manufacture. Modern models have the decimel place spray painted on the front screen of the LCD display which is read if the display is to be read in %BAC (percentage blood alcohol concentration)
  • At this point it may be helpful to point out that the majority of modern breathalyzers display blood alcohol level readings, confusing when you are blowing breath through them, but as nearly all legislation is now quoted in BAC, the units are set to do the conversion calculation for you. Ignor the decimel place and just read from the first positive digit and the breathalyzer displays BAC in mg/100ml, so for example you can interpret the same result as .080%BAC and/or 080=80mg/100ml BAC
  • The AL6000 breathalyzer has 2 modes of testing Nor = normal and Fst = fast  the fast mode is what it says and the breath sample and accuracy are reduced for a fast test.
  • In reality most users of AL6000 breathalyzers nearly always test in normal mode as this significantly increases the accuracy of the result.
  • Normal mode takes a 5 second deep breath lung sample and will indicate with a Flo display if the breath sample is not maintained for the full sample time.
  • When buying a new sensor for an Al6000 be sure to match the colour circuit board to the one your breathalyzer has as they are not interchangeable. Most have red circuit boards, but older models are green and they cannot be mixed. If the wrong sensor is inserted the breathalyser will not work and the sensor is not usable once it has been connected to the breathalyser.
  • New sensors will have a test count of 6-12 tests needed for their calibration.
  • One last point the unit used to have NF certification, but this was not renewed by the manufacturer Sentech and had lapsed. Now with the new French breathalyser law the manufacturer has re-applied for the French NF certificate which should be issued for the breathalyser before the July 2012 French law starts, so this breathalyzer is a good bet for anyone looking for a digital breathalyzer to take to Europe.

Our Opinion : All in all the AL6000 breathalyser offers excellent value for money and is a great buy for anyone considering buying a digital breathalyzer.

You can buy an AL6000 digital breathalyzer in UK here


You can buy replacement sensors for the Al6000 breathalyzer here


France Breathalyzer Law | France Breathalyzer Kit | Breathalyzer for driving in France

French officials have confirmed their intention to introduce as planned the legal requirement for all vehicles to carry breathalyser tests and the suggested implementation date will be July 2012 for the new french law.

Single use disposable breath tests set at the French 0.05%BAC will be sufficient. The 0.05%BAC Mission disposable breathalyser kit packs meet all European quality requirements and this includes the French industry standards, so drivers travelling with these kits will comply with the legal requirement. We have been asked if the kits meet French NF quality marks, but the NF standard is not applied to single use breath detectors which are classified for EU use under the CE certification and in the case of the Mission product, you also get the far more stringent IVDD (InVitro Diagnostic Device) certification, meaning it meets the exacting standards required for use in health care settings.

Frequent travellers or tourists intending to travel for extended periods in France may also choose to opt for a hand held digital breathalyser. These cost from as little as £33 plus VAT for the DA5000 digital breathalyzer. These give a far more accurate measure of Bloood Alcohol levels, giving a direct reading from 10 right up to 400mg/100ml blood alcohol concetration. The DA5000 Breathalyzer is ROHS certified for use right accross Europe and comes pre-set with an alarm setting of 0.05% which complies with French driving legislation currently. For personal use no additional mouth piece tubes will be required for the breathalyser, and the only additional cost will be replacment sensors every 300 tests and batteries. With no expiry date, and an accurate direct and immediate reading of alcohol always on hand, these digital breathalyzers make a useful and cost effective alternative to single use alcohol breath testers. Other digital breathalysers meeting French requirements include :AL6000 Breathalyzer and AL7000 breathalyzer 

Which is the best home breathalyzer ?

We received this question asking which is the best breathalyser earlier this week:

‘My teenagers have just passed their driving test & are borrowing the car. I want to make sure they are not drinking and driving when they are going out in the evenings. They have promised they won’t but I know they are susceptible to peer pressure and I want to be sure. Which breathalyzer would you recommend ?’


We understand accuracy is very important in this situation as they are young inexperienced drivers, and you probably want to operate a zero tolerance to drinking while driving in this situation. Look at the single use breath alcohol detectors. Select the zero tolerance sensitivity if you want them to abstain completely which would be our advice.Knowing you are going to test them will help them to resist the peer pressure as they know they will lose their car privilege if they test positive. Click here to see the single use disposable breathalysers or if you prefer a digital breathalyzer for home use have a look at the DA5000 digital breathalyzer

Best Breathalyzer for Christmas 2011

Which is the best breathalyzer for my money ?

Every year at around this time of year we are asked this question. For many it is the start of the autumn and winter social calender that prompts a personal breathalyzer purchase.

Why buy a breathalyzer you may ask ?
With the start of the office party season looming many people want to be able to check  that they are ok to drive ‘the morning after the night before’

We would never advocate drinking and driving as it is so dangerous. It is much safer to take a taxi or get a lift with a non drinking colleague to the party. However there has been a lot of cases in the news over the last couple of years of people being breathalyzed on their way to work, and still being over the limit !

Others are simply researching for a great christmas gift for a male relative, boyfriend or friend. I’m sorry I know it’s only September, but christmas cards are in the charity shops already and it certainly makes a change from socks.

We thought you may find it useful if we reviewed, what are in our opinion the best value for money breathalyzers on the market for christmas 2011

Accuracy and reliability matters

When making a breathalyzer purchase online for yourself or to give as a gift it is important to remember that accuracy and reliability of readings are important, and that you do get what you pay for. Avoid cheap keyring breathalyzers as they are just for fun breathalyzers really, and should not be relied upon.

Instead choose a quality personal digital breathalyzer such as the latest model  DA5000 breathalyzer which once again continues to offer great value for money for christmas 2011 or a single use disposable breathalyzer if you only need an occaisonal test

If you are happy to spend a little more then opt for superior & more robust AL7000 breathalyzer with clip in clip out sensor.

Click here to see a range of great value quality digital breathalyzers & single use disposable breathalyzers for christmas 2011 that are available to buy online 

Let us know what you think and which are your favourite breathalyzers for 2011 if you have a breathalyzer review then please leave it in comments.

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Breathalyzer Buying Guide | Best Breathalyzer Review

Seasonal drink driving awareness is upon us again and the purchase of digital breathalyzer products increases as individual and business purchasers seek to protect and educate. Breathalyzers are often criticised for allowing or tempting users to drink and then drive while under the prosecution limits, but none the less under the influence of alcohol. In practice their use is far more commonly restricted to individuals testing that all alcohol has gone the morning after a social event, prior to considering driving, and company and business policy is more safety orientated and educational versus punative.

There are a large number of breathalyzers on the market which make choosing which one is right for your needs difficult. With this is mind we thought it would be useful to do breathalyzer buying guide, to help make choosing a breathalyzer easier.

Lets start with breathalyzer terminology which in itself can be confusing. Most breathalyzers either diplay BAC or BrAC

BAC = Blood alcohol concentration commonly displayed as a percentage %BAC or mg/100ml

BrAC = Breath alcohol concentration

Few breathlysers display in BrAC, most are mg/100ml BAC display units, doing the electronic conversion for the tester. These scales can be confusing, but just remember all European prosecutions are on the basis of eqivalent BAC levels, so a simple BAC display is best.

Do you require a fuel cell breathalyser or is a semi conductor sensor adequate ? Well fuel sensors do offer a small amount of greater accuracy, but at the levels we are talking about this 4th decimel place is simply irrelavent to all but scientific researchers. If you insist on a fuel cell breathalyzer,  you are going to pay a lot more and have to return the breathalyzer to a service centre for calibration service every few months to maintain the accuracy.

Go for a semi conductor sensor breathalyser model with changeable sensor modules. Simply replace the sensor module when the breathalyzer instructs with a new pre-calibrated sensor and never have to send the unit away for service. Models start from under £40 and the sensors are under half the price of a service centre calibration. Most semi conductor breathalyzers give 3 decimel place accuracy (more than enough for all self and business testers)

Best value breathalyzers this season remain the DA5000 , with the AL6000 and AL7000 models coming a close second

Alcoscan AL6000 Breathalyzer

 The Alcoscan AL6000 breathalyzer was the worlds 1st digital breathalyzer with replacable calibrated sensor modules, meaning that the breathalyzer does not need to be sent away for servicing. The servicing is done simply & easily by purchasing a new sensor module,  removing the old sensor module and replacing it with the new sensor module.

Al6000 breathalyzer features:

  • easy to use
  • one way flow mouthpiece
  • self diagnostic system
  • dual mode operation:normal & fast mode
  • digital display with passive test mode
  • audible alerts
  • low battery indicator
  • single button operation
  • active pressure sensor
  • deep lung air sampling
  • cumulative test counter
  • CE, FDA, ROHS, DOT approved
  • supplied with 2 AA batteries, 5 mouthpieces, carrying pouch, hand strap & user manual

To find out more about the Al6000 breathalyzer and other breathalyzers visit Value Breathalysers UK

Breathalyzer tests for sale in the UK are simple & easy way to do alcohol breath testing

Single use breathalyzer test kits or breath alcohol detector test (BAD for short) are now available in CE marked professional breathalyzer test kit packs of 20 breathalyzers.

These simple & easy to use breathalyzer kits give breath testing results in just minutes. They are a reliable and accurate non electronic breathalyzer test kit.They are CE & FDA certfied.

The breathalyzer kits measure from zero tolerance to European and UK legal limit cut offs and are a low cost option for breath alcohol testing

Single use breathalyzer tests for detecting alcohol in breath, are a long-standing and reliable method of measuring blood or breath alcohol levels.

The Mission professional breathalyzer test kits are cost effective disposable alcohol test kits for test results in just 2 minutes.

There are three types of breathalyzer alcohol level tests for breath alcohol are available in the Mission range. They are 0.02 BAC, 0.05BAC and 0.08 BAC

 These breathalyzer tests can be purchased online for same day despatch worldwide.

Click here to buy single use disposable breathalysers online in UK or for more information.

For breathalyzer test kits readings 0.02% BAC (blood alcohol concentration) single use breathalyzer kits the HSE breathalyser cut off and also used for breathalyzer zero tolerance testing.

For breathalyzer test kits for reading 0.05% BAC single use breathalyzer kits the European breathalyzer legal limit

For breathalyzer test kits reading 0.08% BAC single use breathalyser kits the UK breathalyzer legal limit