Breathalyser Manufacturers Rush for NF Certification For New French Breathalyzer Law

A massive rush is underway by breathalyzer manufacturers applying for NF certification of their products. The NF standard is a basic quality mark which until recently has been of limited interest to manufacturers. Many had let their NF certificates lapse as the French market was not considered important and the quality mark was not required to sell in France where the usual ROHS or CE certification was also accepted.

The move by the French Government to introduce compulsary breathalyzer packs for all motorists using french roads from July 2012 has seen a large increase in sales to the French market. At the time of the decision only a few brands had pre-existing NF certificates applied to their products. Obtaining NF certificate listing is quite straight forward for manufacturers already meeting existing EU quality standards there are no additional parameters which are required and it is simply a matter of completing the LNE audit and application process.

We will see a massive expansion to the list of approved NF breathalyzers over the next few months. The existing list is in no way final or closed and many manufactuers are also obtaining a declaration of conformity to the performance standards listed in NFX20702, making their products legitimate to sell directly into the French market.

The same application process applies to digital hand held breathalyzers being sold to the french Breathalyzer market for compliance with the new law. Many of the existing models such as the DA8000 and others have existing NF certification but only applied to OEM branded boxes in French distributor own label boxes. The breathalyzers are indentical to the manufacturers original but prior to the new French law the manufacturer saw no commercial advantage to paying for LNE certification directly.

With the introduction of the French breathalyzer legislation this now changes the balance for product being imported into Europe.  Buyers will want breathalyzer models which are compliant for when they travel to Europe and will prevent them having to buy additional units or single use breathalyzer tubes. If other countries follow the French and introduce similar laws, there is nothing to stop them applying a local regional or country specific quality mark .

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Breathalyzer Reviews-Disposable Breathalyzer Kits Review

breathalyzer kits uk france for sale

We tested & reviewed the 0.05% breathlyzer kit from Mission (EU driving level cut off for most although not all EU countries including France) Some of the EU countries operate a zero tolerance so check with the individual country that you are travelling to.

Using the Mission disposable breathalyzer kits is very easy. They are supplied in boxes of 3, 6 or 20 single use breathalyzer kits, and each kit is sealed in a foil pouch.

The breathalyzer kits come with a very detailed set of instructions and data included, but the actual test proceedure is very simple.

Simply remove one of the breathalyzer tubes from its sealed pouch and when you are ready to test, squeeze the central clear section to break the internal crystal tube. The crystals are all a light golden yellow colour. Blow through the tube for 12 seconds, this needs a good breath in before you start.

Dont read the results straight away, the correct result is the one showing 2 minutes after you started blowing. If the result is positive and above the alcohol cut off for the test the crystals will have changed colour to a pale green/grey or blue/grey colour. The colour is not strong or dark but quite distinct from the starting golden yellow. In negative tests the crystals will remain golden yellow.

There is no colour chart provided, so we found it helpful to compare the positive results against an un-used breathalyzer test kit, but this did mean we had to open a second test to use as the comparison, but if you are doing the test regularly this will not be needed.

What we liked about the test kit:

  • its very small, lightweight & discrete and would fit easily in a handbag, glove box or even your pocket
  • it was very easy to use
  • it came in a box of 3
  • it gave a result quickly & accurately
  • easily disposed of after use

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