Breathalyser kits for Scotland, France and Ireland

If you need a breathalyser to use in France, Scotland or Ireland make sure that you select the right cut off levels as the drink drive levels are lower in these countries at 0.05% BAC than they are in England , Wales & Northern Ireland which are still at the higher level of 0.08% BAC.

As many UK business drivers cross the channel regularly on business, it is important for them to remember the lower drink drive levels in France. The lower limit means it is very easy to be over the limit , and the best option is not to drink any alcohol when you need to drive shortly afterwards, as even one drink could put you over the limit. It also important to remember the morning after alcohol levels after late night drinking could still take you easily over the lower 0.05% BAC level.

It is also very easy to forget the new lower limit in Scotland is 0.05% BAC, which could easily catch drivers out, who are used to the higher 0.08 % BAC.

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Alcohol Testers

Breath Alcohol breathalyser 0.05%BAC

Breath alcohol testers

Screening for alcohol levels is now easier than ever. There are a complete range of single use testing kits which will allow instant screening to either a pre set cut off level or even give a semi quantitive indicator of the detected level.

The biotechnology in these tests is now well tested and most come with a full set of quality certification, ensuring a high level of accuracy if used to the manufacturers guidelines.

Most instant tests are actually set to Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) cut off levels. This can seem a little confusing when you are running a test on either saliva or breath, but with all the legislation referenced to BAC this actually makes sense. It also makes changing from saliva to breath screening a lot simpler, eliminating the need to cross reference different scales of measurement.

So what is available in todays market. Lets first look at the options for single use breath alcohol testers. All contain a chemical crystal, which on exposure to alcohol changes colour. By altering the chemical, this colour change can be made to occur only when a predetermined level of alcohol is reached. This makes it possible to set UK HSE breath alcohol testers to give positive results at alcohol levels of 0.02%BAC Scottish and French (EU) driving level cut of alcohol testers at alcohol levels of 0.05%BAC and UK England & Wales driving limit alcohol testers at alcohol levels of 0.08%BAC All three options are also available in triple test packs and double test packs with blow bags.

By altering the chemical slightly it is also possible to make it change colour to a greater degree at higher alcohol exposure levels. This makes it possible to turn the alcohol tester from a simple cut off positive or negative test, into a semi quantitive breath alcohol test. The darker the shade of colour change, the higher the alcohol level detected. By reading the colour change showing at a set time these alcohol testers give a guide to the actual blood alcohol level at the time of testing.

Breath testing is easy, cheap and reliable. All these alcohol testers are single use disposable test kits. Expiry dates are normally 24-36 months and storage is normally at room temperature with no special requirements. Two, ten second blows are needed to get an accurate reading. In donors with poor lung function, asthma, bronchitis etc this may render the test useless, so an option for these tests would be a saliva test strip alcohol tester.

Alcohol saliva testing is as simple and reliable as saliva drug testing, and indeed an ever increasing range of saliva drug tests do incorporate a saliva alcohol test strip with a 0.02%BAC sensitivity for workplace HSE screening.

The biotechnology is similar to the chemical breathalyser reaction with a colour change on a pad to which the saliva is added. The colour change is compared to a reference colour chart and the best match selected to give a semi quantitive alcohol level.

Both single use chemical breathalyser alcohol testers and saliva alcohol test strips are suitable for healthcare and workplace alcohol screening. Backed up with a digital breathalyser, these screens offer flexible, multi-location screening ability within a site or business. All test results are screening only, non evidential and all non negative results for alcohol should be confirmed using an accredited laboratory service offering evidential and chain of custody controlled certified results.

New alcohol breath tester

Test and Drive Alcohol tester

Test and Drive Alcohol tester

This month we have a new alcohol tester in stock.  The Drive and Test alcohol tester is unique in the marketplace in that it gives semi quantative readings at 0.0 0.2 0.5 & 0.8%o equivalent blood alcohol levels.

It is ideal for self testing and because it gives readings at multiple levels can be used in England, Scotland or France

The alcohol tester is very simple 7 easy to use and interpret giving accurate & reliable results within 2 minutes

The alcohol tester is small & easily carried in your pocket, jacket pocket, handbag or in the glovebox of your car.

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0.05% BAC Disposable Breathalyzer Kits | Breathalyzer Kits for France

Due to a recent overwhelming demand for the 0.05% BAC disposable breathalyzer kits for France, delivery on this item may be delayed unitl mid March 2012 as we are currently awaiting delivery from the manufacturer.

They are in production now and delivery is expected in early to mid March. Orders may still be placed online through our breathalyzer website  & will be dispatched as soon as the item is back in stock in UK. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay .

If you require a breathalyzer for use abroad alternatives to consider are the 0.02% BAC disposable breathalyzer kits or the best selling reusable DA5000 digital breathalyzer at just £33 plus VAT

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Breathalyzer Reviews-Disposable Breathalyzer Kits Review

breathalyzer kits uk france for sale

We tested & reviewed the 0.05% breathlyzer kit from Mission (EU driving level cut off for most although not all EU countries including France) Some of the EU countries operate a zero tolerance so check with the individual country that you are travelling to.

Using the Mission disposable breathalyzer kits is very easy. They are supplied in boxes of 3, 6 or 20 single use breathalyzer kits, and each kit is sealed in a foil pouch.

The breathalyzer kits come with a very detailed set of instructions and data included, but the actual test proceedure is very simple.

Simply remove one of the breathalyzer tubes from its sealed pouch and when you are ready to test, squeeze the central clear section to break the internal crystal tube. The crystals are all a light golden yellow colour. Blow through the tube for 12 seconds, this needs a good breath in before you start.

Dont read the results straight away, the correct result is the one showing 2 minutes after you started blowing. If the result is positive and above the alcohol cut off for the test the crystals will have changed colour to a pale green/grey or blue/grey colour. The colour is not strong or dark but quite distinct from the starting golden yellow. In negative tests the crystals will remain golden yellow.

There is no colour chart provided, so we found it helpful to compare the positive results against an un-used breathalyzer test kit, but this did mean we had to open a second test to use as the comparison, but if you are doing the test regularly this will not be needed.

What we liked about the test kit:

  • its very small, lightweight & discrete and would fit easily in a handbag, glove box or even your pocket
  • it was very easy to use
  • it came in a box of 3
  • it gave a result quickly & accurately
  • easily disposed of after use

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Drug and alcohol stories in the news recently

Two Deaths from Ecstasy November 2011 after clubbers had attended the same venue Alexandra Palace London

Last month 2 young men died aged 20 and 21 years of age died after being admitted to hospital after having taken suspected ‘rogue ecstasy’. A third man was also admitted.

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All drivers in France may be  required to carry breathlyzer kits in their cars from Spring 20112

New planned legislation recently announced by the french president recently will require all drivers in France to keep breathalyzer kits in their cars to test themselves. The new planned requirement is a move by the french to cut the number of deaths on the french roads . Under the new plans anyone stopped and found not to have a breathalyzer kit in their car will be fined.

Decriminilising Cannabis-a good or bad idea-the debate continues

Last month an ex MI5 boss gave a speech to a all party parliamentary drug group & urged the goverment to consider decriminalising Cannabis

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Drug testing kits for urine and saliva available to purchase online in UK

Digital breathalysers, breathalyser kits and alcohol tests available from Value Breathalysers

Which is the best home breathalyzer ?

We received this question asking which is the best breathalyser earlier this week:

‘My teenagers have just passed their driving test & are borrowing the car. I want to make sure they are not drinking and driving when they are going out in the evenings. They have promised they won’t but I know they are susceptible to peer pressure and I want to be sure. Which breathalyzer would you recommend ?’


We understand accuracy is very important in this situation as they are young inexperienced drivers, and you probably want to operate a zero tolerance to drinking while driving in this situation. Look at the single use breath alcohol detectors. Select the zero tolerance sensitivity if you want them to abstain completely which would be our advice.Knowing you are going to test them will help them to resist the peer pressure as they know they will lose their car privilege if they test positive. Click here to see the single use disposable breathalysers or if you prefer a digital breathalyzer for home use have a look at the DA5000 digital breathalyzer

Breathalyzers for sale

The current range of breathalyzers that are for sale in UK include an extensive range of re-usable digital breathalyzers, and a range of single use disposable breathalyzer kits.

Digital breathalyzers for sale

  • can be used multiple times
  • can be more cost effective if you are doing multiple tests
  • a good model starts from just under £35 upwards
  • ideal for personal use or clinic use
  • better breathalyzers are supplied with mouthpieces
  • breathalyzers with mouthpieces are generally more accurate than those with simply a ‘blow hole’
  • extra mouthpieces & sensors can be purchased for DA5000, AL6000, Al7000 & DA7000  breathalyzers.
  • some breathalyzers (DA5000, AL6000, AL7000 & DA7000) have clip in clip out sensors which makes servicing quick & easy
  • DA8000 breathalyzer offers fuel cell high accuracy breath testing

Single use Breathalyzer kits for sale

  • ideal if you only need to do an occaisonal breath alcohol test
  • disposable-simply discard after use
  • very easy to use
  • available in 3 cut off levels 0.02%BAC for zero tolerance testing, 0.05%BAC for European Driving limit and 0.08%BAC for UK prosecution level.
  • reliable results in under 2 minutes
  • portable-fit in a pocket, glove box or purse

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Breathalyzer tests for sale in the UK are simple & easy way to do alcohol breath testing

Single use breathalyzer test kits or breath alcohol detector test (BAD for short) are now available in CE marked professional breathalyzer test kit packs of 20 breathalyzers.

These simple & easy to use breathalyzer kits give breath testing results in just minutes. They are a reliable and accurate non electronic breathalyzer test kit.They are CE & FDA certfied.

The breathalyzer kits measure from zero tolerance to European and UK legal limit cut offs and are a low cost option for breath alcohol testing

Single use breathalyzer tests for detecting alcohol in breath, are a long-standing and reliable method of measuring blood or breath alcohol levels.

The Mission professional breathalyzer test kits are cost effective disposable alcohol test kits for test results in just 2 minutes.

There are three types of breathalyzer alcohol level tests for breath alcohol are available in the Mission range. They are 0.02 BAC, 0.05BAC and 0.08 BAC

 These breathalyzer tests can be purchased online for same day despatch worldwide.

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For breathalyzer test kits readings 0.02% BAC (blood alcohol concentration) single use breathalyzer kits the HSE breathalyser cut off and also used for breathalyzer zero tolerance testing.

For breathalyzer test kits for reading 0.05% BAC single use breathalyzer kits the European breathalyzer legal limit

For breathalyzer test kits reading 0.08% BAC single use breathalyser kits the UK breathalyzer legal limit

Alcohol Test

UK and EU alcohol test kits are suitable for all breath alcohol test situations.

Simple to use and interpret, these quick alcohol test kits require just 2 minutes to detect alcohol in breath at 3 pre-determined cut off alcohol levels

Breath alcohol test 0.02%BAC for employment alcohol test screening

Breath alcohol test 0.05%BAC European driving legal limit alcohol test

Breath alcohol test 0.08%BAC UK driving legal limit alcohol test

All the above breath alcohol tests are available in pack of 3 or 6 and also bulk packs of 20 test kits .

To complete an alcohol test, simply remove the test from its foil, bend to break the reagent vial then blow. Positive alcohol test results at or above the specified detection level are indicated by a clear colour change.

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