25 ng/ml THC test in stock

25 ng/ml thc test

25 ng/ml THC urine test strips

Just a quick post to let you know that we have more sensitive Cannabis urine THC drug testing strips in stock now that detect just 25g of THC compared with the standard test kits kits that detect 50g.

The lower sensitivity allows the test to detect smaller or lower levels of THC in the urine and extends the window after use of cannabis that a urine test will show its use.

For years the urine cut off levels have been set at 50g, and while this level is proven not to show after passive inhalation, the new lower test will be of interest to users wishing to screen for all exposure to the drug, not just direct use.

The procedure for running test is identical as the format of the strip tests has not changed. Simple dip one of the strips into a freshly collected urine sample and read the result at 5 minutes. A positive result indicates Cannabis + cannabis metabolites are in the sample at concentrations of 25g or above.



Drug testing kits for Cannabis

Drug testing kits for Cannabis have been available to purchase online now for about 14 years and have proven to be reliable, accurate & easy to use.

The most popular drug testing kits that detect cannabis use are urine drug testing kits. They can be purchased as either an individual drug test   (usually either a drug testing strip or cassette ) detecting only Cannabis or as part of a multi-panel drug test kits that detects multiple drugs.

Cannabis oral drug test kits are also available to test a saliva sample, and these usually form part of a 6 in 1 or 7 in 1 saliva drug test panel. These are popular for workplace drug screening as you can be sure that the sample has not been tampered with.

Cost wise saliva testing tends to be a little more expensive than urine drug testing and the detection periods are usually shorter.

For home drug testing a urine test for cannabis is probably the best choice as the detection period can be up to 28 days if Cannabis use has been heavy & prolonged.

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Cannabis Detection Times in Urine & Saliva

Heavy, or one off / occasional use ?

Cannabis is fat soluble, so over sustained regular use it is deposited around the body and can take several weeks, too a month to be excreted. In practice this only occurs in heavy regular consumers of cannabis, usually the concentrated forms such as skunt, and for most irreglular or occassioanl users THC will be excreted much quicker.

Most instant saliva drug tests will only detect THC for only 24 hrs after use. Most Cannabis urine drug tests will detect use for between 3 and 5 days after use.

The saliva drug test kits currently detect at 12ng/ml THC Cannabis
All urine instant tests cut off at 50ng/ml while lab confimations normally test to just 15ng/ml

Instant urine tests will mainly detect for 3-5 days after light use. For tests to remain positive longer than 5 days suggest either heavy previous use, or re-exposure.

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