25 ng/ml THC test in stock

25 ng/ml thc test

25 ng/ml THC urine test strips

Just a quick post to let you know that we have more sensitive Cannabis urine THC drug testing strips in stock now that detect just 25g of THC compared with the standard test kits kits that detect 50g.

The lower sensitivity allows the test to detect smaller or lower levels of THC in the urine and extends the window after use of cannabis that a urine test will show its use.

For years the urine cut off levels have been set at 50g, and while this level is proven not to show after passive inhalation, the new lower test will be of interest to users wishing to screen for all exposure to the drug, not just direct use.

The procedure for running test is identical as the format of the strip tests has not changed. Simple dip one of the strips into a freshly collected urine sample and read the result at 5 minutes. A positive result indicates Cannabis + cannabis metabolites are in the sample at concentrations of 25g or above.



New 4 drug saliva direct DSD-843 Cannabis Cocaine Amphetamine Opiate saliva drug test kit

saliva drug testing kit cannabis

Direct 4 in 1 saliva drug testing kit DSD-843

New for 2016 in the UK drug testing kit market is the direct 4 drug saliva drug test kit, catalog ref DSD-843

Simpler, easier to use and with all the accuracy of its larger combination brothers, the DSD-843 is placed directly into the mouth and absorbs saliva directly. The test can be seen running while still in the mouth, and when the pink dye is visible in the results window the test can be removed and placed back in its cover to complete running.

No saliva transfer. no collection or processing. This test literally runs itself and give 4 clear results, 1 for each of the screened drugs.

A lot of people asked for a saliva drug test just for Cannabis and Cocaine, adding Amphetamine (Speed) and Opiates (heroin, morphine codeine) made sense, did not increase the cost of the panel greatly and expands the market for the test.

We think this drug test is going to prove very popular with buyers wanting an entry level saliva drug test which is easy to use and reliable. It may also have a place in workplace drug screening where Benzodiazepines are not considered an issue.

Drug testing kits for Cannabis

Drug testing kits for Cannabis have been available to purchase online now for about 14 years and have proven to be reliable, accurate & easy to use.

The most popular drug testing kits that detect cannabis use are urine drug testing kits. They can be purchased as either an individual drug test   (usually either a drug testing strip or cassette ) detecting only Cannabis or as part of a multi-panel drug test kits that detects multiple drugs.

Cannabis oral drug test kits are also available to test a saliva sample, and these usually form part of a 6 in 1 or 7 in 1 saliva drug test panel. These are popular for workplace drug screening as you can be sure that the sample has not been tampered with.

Cost wise saliva testing tends to be a little more expensive than urine drug testing and the detection periods are usually shorter.

For home drug testing a urine test for cannabis is probably the best choice as the detection period can be up to 28 days if Cannabis use has been heavy & prolonged.

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Drug testing kits for Cannabis & K2 spice (Synthetic Cannabis )

Drug testing kits for Cannabis can detect cannabis use for up to 28 days, Most drug testing kits for cannabis will detect both the parent cannabis drug and the metabolite of cannabis, the first break down product as the body metabolises and breaks down the cannabis drug, clearing it from the body. The most reliable type of drug testing kits for cannabis are urine cannabis drug tests. These cannabis drug testing kits give the longest detection times, longer than saliva drug testing kits for cannabis. Urine drug testing kits for synthetic cannabis or K2 are also available.  This is sometimes sold as spice mix, K2 spice.

Not all drug testing after cannabis use will remain positive for 28 days, this is only the case after regular heavy long term usage. Most urine cannabis drug testing kits will remain positive for cannabis for 5-7 days after a single exposure. UKDrugTesting is about to launch a new multi sensitivity cannabis urine drug test with cut off levels at 4 sensitivities. This will give a semi quantitive indication of the actual urinary cannabis drug levels at the time of testing and allow clearance of the cannabis drug and metabolite to be monitored in users.

Drug testing kits for cannabis in saliva have a shorter detection period after use. They are ideal where testing needs to indicate recent usage or actual intoxication as they will become positive within a very short time os use. This makes them ideal for workplace cannabis drug testing, especially in HSE critical employment settings, where historic use needs to be isolated from recent and current use.

Drug testing kits for Cannabis start from around £1 per test. Professional quality urine drug testing kits for single drugs including Cannabis are available for UK Drug Testing

Individual drug testing kits for cannabis are available in cassette (with pipette) formats and dip strip formats and as part of a range of multi panel drug testing dip cards and integrated collection cup and drug panel cup drug tests.

Drug testing for Cannabis is now historically established in many industries and most multi panel urine and saliva drug testing kits contain a membrane to test for Cannabis use. Employers considering introducing cannabis drug testing in the workplace should consider cannabis drug testing in combination with drug tests for Cocaine, Amphetamine, Opiates and Methamphetamine. This combination covers most commonly abused UK drug groups and will not be criticised as anything but comprehensive by insurers and HSE and ISO inspectorate. Other additional drug groups should be considered if there is a known local usage, or regional problems in the demographic being targeted.

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Drug Testing FAQ-how long will a urine drug test stay positive after last Cannabis use ?

This is a frequent question regarding urine drug testing as Cannabis stays in the system much longer than other drugs, and can still be detected on a urine drug test for up 30 days in some individuals.

After a one off Cannabis use Cannabis will have cleared the system and not be detectable in most peoples urine sample by about 5-7 days. However this is not always so as Cannabis clearance is affected by many factors including the individuals fat levels. As Cannabis can be stored in the body in fat a leaner individual will clear Cannabis from their system faster than an obese individual.

What other factors affect how quickly Cannabis clears from the system ?

  • body fat
  • total body mass
  • frequency of use
  • strength of Cannabis used eg Cannabis resin & skunk contains more of the active THC
  • duration of Cannabis use

For more information on Drug test detection times visit http://www.drug-testing-kit.co.uk/acatalog/Detection_Times.html

Saliva Cannabis drug test kit now available

After record christmas sales of the above cannabis drug screening test, further stocks are now available of this unique saliva screen for cannabis (THC)

Instant results from an easy to collect saliva sample, no messing around with urine collection, so there is no doubt the sample comes directly from the person you are testing. This oral THC drug test has to be the best way to detect cannabis use available today.

Also available is the Cocaine saliva drug screening kit, making these oral drug tests the best way to screen for Cannabis and/or Cocaine use.

Single and small pack options available here home oral drug tests

Larger and professional bulk packs available here Professional oral drug tests

Cocaine and Cannabis drug tests should be part of a multi-drug test

Screening in isolation for cannabis and cocaine can be a false economy. Specific drug group tests are only really suitable for individuals, self testing or for specific post exposure clearance drug screening. For point of care drugs of abuse screening it will always be better to use a multi-panel drug screen covering the common recreational drugs of abuse and/or addiction.

The common drug panels used include the original 5 panel drug test used wideley in employment drug testing, Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Opiates and where a younger age group is targeted the 5 panel combination Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA

Both  5 panel & other common multipanel drug tests are available online at UK Drug Testing

FAQ Cannabis Drug Tests

How long does Cannabis stay positive on a drug test ?

This we find is a common question and something that can cause confusion , as the amount of time Cannabis stays in the system can be very variable. A Cannabis urine drug test detects Cannaboids in urine, and as these are stored in fatty tissue thay can be released for a extended period after the exposure to cannabis occurred.

A urine Cannabis drug test can stay positive for up to 30 days after last Cannabis use in certain cases, although in most cannabis users the drug will be out of their system in 6 -10 days, depending on duration of drug use. The amount of time Cannabis stay in the body depends on many factors such as, the amount  taken, its strength, purity, the body weight of the person being tested and rate of metabolism, and whether they are a casual Cannabis user or a long term user.

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Cannabis is only detectable in a Saliva drug test for a short time after last Cannabis usually 12-24 hours after last use (varies slightly depending on brand of saliva drug test used)

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Cannabis home saliva test kit

UK Drug Testing have further supplies of their home saliva cannabis detection kit available.

The simple to use saliva drug test will detect cannabis accurately and with high specificity. The test cut off levels are set to exclude passive smoking, so any positive results are confident indicators of THC direct use.

The oral thc test takes just 5 minutes with positive or negative results with over 99% accuracy compared to laboratory equivalents.

For more information on cannabis saliva drug testing or to buy Saliva THC drug test kits click here 

Drug Testing Cannabis

Drug testing Cannabis users is now fast, simple, reliable and cheap with instant results.

Modern drug screening technology gives virtually instant results and drug testing protocols are simple, noninvasive and specifically designed to foil the most common methods of cheating the drug test (sample swapping and dilution).

In most instances, cannabis drug testing will be covered as part of a multi-drug test which will meet the needs of employers.

Stang alone drug testing kits for cannabis are also available as a single membrane drug test using either urine or saliva samples. These cannabis drug tests give instant results at the point of testing and indicate recent, significant use. Hair analysis is another option for cannabis testing. Reporting over 90 days hair analysis detects residues inbedded in the hair when it is growing. Results are not available for 5-7 days, but it is the only method able to detect back over this length of time.

Drug testing kits for Cannabis approximate costs

  • Urine Cannabis Test £2.00

  • Saliva Cannabis Test £6.00

  • Hair Cannabis Test £90.00