Drug Testing FAQ | What is the detection period for cocaine ?

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We received this question about cocaine test strips recently by e-mail


”Do the cocaine test strips come with instructions on how to read the results and what is the detection period for these?”


”The urine cocaine test strips that we supply will pick up cocaine in the system 3 to 5 days from the last use. We send out full instruction on how to perform the drug test and if you need any help please give us a call ”

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Drug Testing FAQ-Do the Cocaine test strips detect crack cocaine ?

 cocaine drug test strip


”’Do the cocaine test strips also detect crack cocaine if it is smoked?”


”Yes the urine cocaine tests do also detect the use of crack cocaine.”

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Drug Testing Cocaine

Drug Testing FAQ-are these cocaine drug test strips testing urine for the presence of Cocaine or for the Cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine? 


”Could you please provide some additional details on your product Cocaine Drug Test Strips.
Are these strips testing for the presence of Cocaine or for the Cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine? Please also advise of the ng/ml cutoff. ”


”The cocaine test strips detect both Cocaine and the metabolite benzoylecgonine. The test membrane is 300ng/ml.

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Drug Testing FAQ-drug testing cut offs Cocaine


Could you please provide some additional details on your product Cocaine Drug Test Strips.
Are these strips testing for the presence of Cocaine or for the Cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine? Please also advise of the ng/ml cutoff.


The cocaine test strips detect both Cocaine and the metabolite benzoylecgonine

The test membrane is a 300ng/ml

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Drug Testing FAQ Urine | When to do a urine drug test for Cocaine

We recently received this question by e-mail regarding detection times for Cocaine in a home urine drug test


Hi I have recently purchased a home test cocaine cassette kit and was wondering when is the perfect time to use the test after cocaine use?.
It says 3-5 days, does this mean that I should wait until it has been three days to use the test?


Thank you for contacting us. You can do the urine test anytime. It will pick Cocaine up in the urine for up to 3 to 5 days after use. It will not detect Cocaine after that time. If you require anymore info please do not hestitate to
contact us.

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Cocaine swab test still the fastest surface cocaine detection test

Its as simple as runing a wet wipe on any surface and checking for a blue colour change. That’s how fast and simple it can be to detect the presence of cocaine powder residues on surfaces using the cocaine swab test

Cocaine test swabs have been used for many years reliably to screen for cocaine. The swab test is suitable for dry surfaces in almost any environments. It works on tiny amounts of the drug residue, so a visible powder is not needed.

The cocaine swab is not suitable for screening humans and should not be used on skin (cocaine saliva and urine screens are available for in-vitro human testing in these situations)

It is recommended that a latex glove should be worn when performing the cocaine swab test to avoid exposure to the chemical reagents and avoid any posibility of cross contamination.

Results are fast with the colour change occuring almost immediately. Currently there is no easy or available commercial confirmation test, but the reliability and accuracy specificity of the swab is high.

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Cocaine Identification

How do you tell if the white powder you have found is Cocaine ?

Cocaine surface residue swabs have been available for some time enabling parents, businesses to wipe a surface that they suspect may be contaminated with cocaine.

The Cocaine drug detection swabs are easy to use & cost effective. To perform the cocaine swab you simply wipe the swab across the surface that you suspect is contaminated with cocaine, and the swab changes colour if Cocaine is detected. The Cocaine swab test is useful when only trace amounts of cocaine are present.

‘Cocaine Torches’ are also a very useful way of identifying traces of Cocaine powder. The torch is a simple ultra violet torch commonly used for identifying security markings on items, or counterfeit bank notes. You simply shine the torch onto the surface you suspect of being contaminated by cocaine powder. Incidentally many bank notes may show cocaine residues.

Cocaine torches have recently been used by some UK police forces to detect cocaine powder on club goers nostrils, as the cocaine powder flouresces. Health concerns have been expressed that the UV torches may be hazardous if used in this way due to UV light entering the eye.

If you have found a large amount of white powder sufficient to collect then it is possible to perform a drug test on this for identification purposes.

The cocaine drug identification test can be done by either sending the sample away to a drug testing lab for identification or by performing an onsite drug test using a urine drug testing kit on a small amount of the powder dissolved in water.

Cocaine saliva test available in the UK

UK Drug Testing have further supplies of their oral view saliva cocaine test kit now available.

The test kit detects cocaine and crack cocaine use for up to 24 hrs using a sample of saliva.

The test membrane is very specific for cocaine with high selectivity and accuracy of over 99% results take just 5 minutes and with few chain of custody issues the whole proceedure can be done easily with immediate preliminary results.

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Cocaine vaccine trial results look promising

A study in the USA on an experimental Cocaine vaccine for Cocaine addicts has shown promising results. The research was conducted at Yale University and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

While only a relatively small study the results suggested that this may be a way forward in the fight against drug addiction, and enabled some addicts to cut there drug useage.

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Cocaine use amongst young increasing

New Home Office figures show the rates of Cocaine use in 16-24 year old increasing for England and Wales.

6.6% report cocaine use within the previous 12 months, a rise from 5.1% on the year.

The rise mirrors a rise in the adult rates to 3% for cocaine and 10% (all drugs) for 16-59 year olds

Lower prices and no overal decrease in supply contributed, with a move towards wider use of cocaine powder.

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