Breathalyzer Reviews-DA5000 Breathalyzer Review

The DA5000 is an easy to use hand held digital breathalyzer suitable for everyday testing by consumers and business users. A single button operates the breathalyzer which then gives clear tonal guides to assist users as they blow into the DA5000, A clear double bleep is given when adequate sample has been blown and the breathalyzer then calculates and displays the measured blood alcohol concentration equivalent in a digital mg per 100ml display.
The DA5000 is also pre-set with a 50mg/100ml alarm level. This is the European prosecution level (which remains below the current (2012) UK level of 80mg/100ml.
The DA5000 breathalyzer offers excellent value for money. It also offers excellent accuracy and perhaps the lowest cost sensor replacement option of any breathalyser in its class. Expect to change the sensor every 300 tests (if you buy a breathalyzer which has a fixed sensor you will have to return it to a service centre for service after the same period to keep the accuracy)
Changing the breathalyzer sensor can be a little fiddly, needing a philips screwdriver, but once you have done it once then its plain sailing. If you want to pay more for an AL6000 or AL7000 breathalyzer the design offers easier sensor changing, different styling, but no greater accuracy, so for value for money the DA5000 wins.

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Which is the best digital breathalyzer for me ?

This is a common question that we are asked.

With the party season fast approaching, many individuals and businesses are looking to purchase a breathalyser for breath alcohol testing, the morning after the night before. With so many digital breathalyzers on the market at the present time, knowing which one to choose can be quite confusing.

The three digital breathalyzers that we recommend currently are the DA5000 (£40.85), the AL6000 (£70.50) and the AL7000 (£84.60) .

They are all easy to use, robust & accurate. They all use mouthpieces & have changeable sensors which can be easily changed by the user when required.

DIY Digital Breathalysers-which are the best ?

The choice is large and often confusing, so we thought we would try to guide potential buyers with the key features to look for in a personal digital breathalyser.

Higher price does not always mean higher accuracy, as the expensive breathalyser models are designed to be serviced regularly to maintain their accuracy and don’t have on board self diagnostics.

Here are some key points to consider when buying a DIY digital breathalyser:

1) Insist on interchangeable sensors – without this you are tied to sending the breathalyser regularly to a service centre for calibration services.

2) The breathalyser must have selectivity of no less than +/-0.01% BAC which is the same as +/- 10mg/100ml BAC. (avoid units with +/-0.02% and over)

3) Choose your display scale and stick to it, most digital breathalysers either display as %BAC or mg/100ml BAC  (BAC=Blood Alcohol Concentration) don’t confuse this with BrAC .(Breath Alcohol Concentration) which is available but rarer.

4) Be realistic, under £25 and you are getting a novelty device which you should not rely upon. Expect to pay £35-£70 for a digital breathalyser which will work well, give reliable readings, cost £15-20 to replace the sensor (every 300 tests or 6 monthly)

Our recommendation remains the DA5000 for all round value for money and accuracy £39.99 with free UK delivery, low cost sensors and mouth pieces (for personal use you don’t need to buy extras, they are washable and re-usable) In our opinion this is currently the best value breathalyzer on the market for personal use.

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Breathalysers ~ reducing your risk

With unemployment amongst white collar workers at an all time high and rising, this is not the time to take any risks with your current employment. Loss of your driving license may not immediately be seen as critical to your employment role, but the fact won’t go unnoticed and at the very least will cost you dearly.

Most of us don’t drink and drive, or at least don’t plan to. It’s the unplanned events which catch us out, the lunch time meeting where your glass gets refilled unnoticed. The morning after when we have an early start. The unexpected call, when you wern’t expecting to have to work, in effect, modern jobs are no longer 9-5 and mobile phones and peer pressure mean we are always expected to be available.

It’s these situations where access to a breathalyser can be invaluable. If its telling your employer with conviction that you are unable to travel, this may be mopre acceptable. In these situations a digital measure should not be undervalued, as alcohol reduces our ability to judge how we are functioning.

The use of most breathalysers has been designed to be single button with tonal indicators of when and how long to blow. Modern units will not give a reading unless the proceedure is completed, making self testing while under the influence more reliable.

Modern digital breathalyers such as the DA5000 breathalyser from Valuebreathalysers offer all this technology for under £50.00 These hand held breathalyser units also have alarm settings at 0.05%BAC well below the UK current prosecution level of 0.08%BAC (correct at time of publishing) giving users a significant warning margin should they approach the legal levels.

All users would advise drivers not to drive until the alcohol blood levels are no longer measurable, as all alcohol will reduce performance. By measuring the blood levels after drinking, breathalysers can help users judge how their body clears alcohol, and help plan and avoid any alcohol drunk during the week and week end.

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New 2009 model DA5000 Digital Breathalyser now best value breathalyser

New 2009 model DA5000 Digital Breathalyser goes from strength to strength

The new 2009 model DA5000 breathalysers are proving very popular as expected. They are compact, highly accuarte, robust & are ideal for personal or business use. 

The DA5000 breathalyser is proving very popular because it offers great value for money & high accuracy at an affordable price, particularly important in this current economic climate.

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It also has a replaceable sensor which means that it never needs recalibrating. When the sensor is warn out, you merely buy a replacement pre-calibrated sensor, instead of having to send the unit back to the supplier for calibrating. This saves you time and money.

Click here to find out more about DA5000 replacement sensors

Each 2009 Da5000 breathaliser is supplied with presentation box, battery, user manual, 6 mouth pieces & carry case with strap.

Another advantage to the DA5000 breathalizer is that it can be used with either the professional or standard mouthpieces, and these may be purchased in bulk.

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NEW model DA5000 digital breathalyser launched in UK

ValueBreathalysers is proud to announce the launch of the new 2009 model DA5000 digital semi-conductor breathalyser.

Now supplied in our own ValueBreathalysers Branding the hand held Breathalyser sets the benchmark for clinic use alcohol breath detection and screening, offering for the first time professional levels of accuracy in a unit costing just £34.77

The ValueBreathalysers DA5000 unit offers clinicians

  • single button operation 
  • sensor cleanse each test cycle improves accuracy
  • 5 second deep breath lung sampling.
  • flow check sample monitoring prevents suboptimal sampling-
  • accuracy of +/-5mg/100ml BAC at levels of 50mg/100ml (+/-0.005%BAC @ 0.05%BAC)
  • direct 3 digit mg/100ml blood alcohol concentration display
  • low cost self exchange sensor for on site “self” calibration service
  • low cost mouth piece tubes

Customer feedback on the 2008 model DA5000 remains excellent. The unit is proving robust and reliable. The new 2009 model offers ungraded firewire system management and data processing making the unit easier to read, faster to reset after sensor change and improves the user experience and confidence in the sensor function.

Professional users who have up-graded to the 2009 DA5000 find it’s easy to read 3 digit display clearer and easier to interpret than other models. With the units clearly displayed and the display scale also clear on the from display (mg/100ml) there is no change of confusion when measuring and recording results.

Further details on the DA5000 Breathalyser

Breathalyser Mouthpieces-what are the differences ?

Breathalyser mouthpieces are used with all top end and professional quality breathalysers. They serve two purposes.

  1. To form a sealed tube allowing only lung breath to enter the sampling sensor chamber
  2. Prevent saliva contamination and physical contact of the digital breathalyser

On older CA2000 based models a simple cover is available, usually refered to as “breathalyser cover” to differentiate it from the longer mouth pieces or tubes (which also fit these models)

Universal breathalyser mouth piece tubes are available in standard or professional options. In the professional option the breathalyser mouthpiece tube incorporates a one way or uni-directional valve. This only allows the passage of breath into the breathalyser, and closes if the pressure becomes negative, preventing the breathaliser triggering if the sampler sucks on the tube in an attempt to prevent accurate sampling.

The professional uni-directional breathalyser mouthpiece tubes are recommended for all compliance or screening breathalyser test environments, as the extra chain of custody offered increases overall accuracy.

 Key features

When choosing a breathalyser look for a breathalyser requiring mouth pieces. These prevent infection control risk and increase accuracy. Units that you simply blow at, will never achieve the same accuracy, even with the same electronics, and are a false economy.

Mouth pieces are mainly used as disposable as this prevents any infection control risk.

If breathalysers are being purchased for individual use or family use where infection risk is not an issue, they are robust enough to last the lifetime of the breathalyser and most are supplied with 3-5 mouth pieces. They can be washed and sterlilised using Milton or other home sterilising solutions, and even go through dish-washers

For employment or clinic screening buy a combination of standard and professional mouth pieces.

Universal fitting breathalyser mouth pieces fit all these breathalysers

  • DA8000
  • DA7000
  • DA5000
  • AL5000
  • AL7000
  • AL6000
  • CA2000
  • Alcomate series
  • Alcohawk ABI & Pro

More details on Breathalyser Mouthpieces here

Personal Breathalyser choice : Best UK Breathalyser options

Many people consider purchasing a personal breathalyser at this time of year for self testing the morning after the night before.

The choice for consumers in the sub £60 market is quite large and the options and features offered by breathalysers can be confusing.

For personal testing we recommend breathalysers which have the follwing features.

1) Choose a unit with mouth tubes you put your lips round. Saving on mouth pieces may seem a good money saving idea, but blowing at a hole reduces the accuracy of the tests considerably

2) Choose a unit which samples for at least 5 seconds

3) Look for simple flow checking or error checking technology, so that only good samples are reported by the unit

4) Manufacturers accuracy should be at least +/- 0.01% BAC Anything less avoid.

5) Check the unit can be re-calibrated or that the sensor module is exchangeable.

The last feature is critcal if you expect the unit to last more than 6 months as it will require calibration service or sensor exchange to keep it accurate. Calibration setting is a consumable, like petrol in a car, the warrantee doesn’t cover the car stoping working because of an empty tank. Expect each sensor setting to last for 300 to 700 tests, but this is very variable.

Our personal recommendation for a good accurate personal breathalyser which wont disappoint the DA5000 breathalyser from ValueBreathalysers

Cheap Breathalysers-what are my options ?

The cheapest breathalysers are the single use breathalysers.

They give reliable results within 2 minutes and are easily carried in a pocket, glove box or purse

They come in three sensitivities:

  • Breath Alcohol Detector 0.02%BAC indicator
    Zero tolerance alcohol detection suitable for industrial testing
  • Breath Alcohol Detector 0.05%BAC indicator
    EU Driving prosecution level tester
  • Breath Alcohol Detector 0.08%BAC indicator
    UK Driving prosecution level tester

They cost  £4.99 for a pack of 3, to £29.99 for a pack of 20.

Each breathalyser is for single use only, but for occaisonal use they can work out very cost effective

 Click here for more information or to buy single use breathalysers online

Alternatively if you are looking for a great value for money Digital breathalyser that you can use multiple times, then consider the 2009 model DA5000 breathalyser.

 At just £48 delivered in the UK , it offers excellent value for money and reliable results time after time.

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NEW 2009 DA5000 Breathalyser

The new & improved 2009 DA5000 model breathalysers are here in UK and are expected to be very popular.

The DA5000 is a great value for money breathalyser offering high accuracy at an affordable price.

The new 2009 DA5000 breathalyser model uses upgraded Firewire software for even greater accuracy than previous DA5000 models

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