5 quick tips to help you to start onsite drug & alcohol testing in your workplace

There are many advantages to doing your drug and alcohol screening in house as it can save your company a lot of time and money. Staff do not need to attend a testing centre which keeps costs down and time away from work to a minimum.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you get started

  • Be prepared-make sure that you have everything in place before you begin. It is advisable to have a drug and alcohol policy for your workplace, in place before you start testing. You will also need consent forms, onsite drug testing kits, and ideally a lab chain of custody confirmation drug test pack.
  • Make sure you have a clear protocol to work to and decide who is going to do the testing, and that you have a clear management plan for any non negative results.
  • You will only need to confirm non negative results
  • Make sure that you have the ability to confirm any non negative results obtained with onsite drug testing kits with a laboratory chain of custody confirmation test. Best to have at least one of these onsite when you begin testing.
  • Keep clear records of all results & ideally have everything witnessed

UK Drug Testing is one of the longest established drug and alcohol testing companies in the UK and are a leading supplier of drug and alcohol testing kits to businesses and employers.

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Drug Testing FAQ’s | What is Ketamine | What is the detection time for Ketamine in urine on a drug test ?

This is a question www.ukdrugtesting.co.uk  are being asked on a regular basis, due to the increasing problem of Ketamine misuse in the UK.

What is ketamine ? Ketamine (also known as Special K or K ) is a dissociative veterinary anaesthetic / horse tranquiliser which is highly sedative. It is increasingley being abused in the UK.

What is the detection period for Ketamine in urine ?

Ketamine can be detected in a urine sample on a drug test for between 3-5 days from last use.

The sensitivity of the urine drug test for ketamine is usually 1000ng/ml

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Cup drug testing kits with ketamine

The Ketamine detection periods on saliva and hair are different.

Drug Testing FAQ-Do the Cocaine test strips detect crack cocaine ?

 cocaine drug test strip


”’Do the cocaine test strips also detect crack cocaine if it is smoked?”


”Yes the urine cocaine tests do also detect the use of crack cocaine.”

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Drug Testing FAQ-once detected how long typically would it take for a long term user to come up clean?

 We have had a lot of questions recently about drug testing kits and in particular cocaine urine drug test strips.

We will be publishing the questions and answers over the next week or so.

If you have a question regarding drug testing then leave it in comments or e-mail customerservices@accessdiagnostics.co.uk and we will answer it for you

Here is the first question and answer:

drug test strips

Urine drug test strip



”I recently purchased the Wondfo 5 Panel Combo BUP Urine Drug Test from your company.

Can you please advise me. Once detected how long typically would it take for a long term user to come up clean?

For example if on a Monday it tested positive then the following Monday if no drug is consumed in between would it come up clean? ”


Here are the clearance times, usually referred to as detection times/windows/ or periods for the different drugs including Cocaine 

Drug Testing Kits UK

Drug Test FAQ-Drug Testing False Positives

This is a frequently asked question


The urine drug test is positive. Could this be a false positive ?


A genuine false positive on a urine drug test is in fact quite uncommon. The advances in drug testing membranes means that most of the test membranes are now very specific for the drug detected. There are some drugs that may produce a false positive on some of the drug test membranes. For further information regarding specific drug test membranes please contact our customer services team at UKDrugtesting 

or visit our UKDrugTesting FAQ page for more drug testing FAQs

Drug Testing FAQ Urine | When to do a urine drug test for Cocaine

We recently received this question by e-mail regarding detection times for Cocaine in a home urine drug test


Hi I have recently purchased a home test cocaine cassette kit and was wondering when is the perfect time to use the test after cocaine use?.
It says 3-5 days, does this mean that I should wait until it has been three days to use the test?


Thank you for contacting us. You can do the urine test anytime. It will pick Cocaine up in the urine for up to 3 to 5 days after use. It will not detect Cocaine after that time. If you require anymore info please do not hestitate to
contact us.

More info on drug detection times in urine

More information or to buy Cocaine drug testing kits for urine drug testing

Urine Drug Testing FAQ | How to do a urine drug test

Undertaking drug testing for the first time can be a daunting task, but the basic procedure is very simple.

An initial urine sample is collected and brought to room temperature (usually 20 minutes) The sample is then tested using a standard panel combination drug test. The cut off levels for drug test panels is internationally agreed and traditionally work to SAMHSA and NIDA levels for urine analysis.

Professionally produced and batch certified drug testing urine kits are between 97 and 99% accurate when compared in studies to laboratory drug screening using GC/MS methods. This level of accuracy is considered by all bodies as high enough to be acceptable for all negative onsite drug test results.

In simple terms, if the instant drug test result is all normal, and the sample collection and procedure are all acceptable no further action need be taken.

Confirming all positive results is essential in a workplace situation. No further action should be taken before laboratory GC/MS confirmation of a positive result is obtained.

Where employment drug testing is part of a occupational risk assessment for a high risk occupation, the employee should not be allowed to perform this task pending the confirmation result, but no disciplinary or penalty action must be taken by the employer before absolute confirmation is obtained.

Standard drug test panel combinations for the UK and EU employment drug testing tend to be THC, COC, AMP, MET, MOP

THC = Cannabis 50ng

COC = Cocaine 300ng

AMP= Amphetamine 1000ng

MOP = Opiates 300ng

MET = Methamphetamine 1000ng

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Drug Test FAQ

Q) Is testing for drugs difficult and does it work ?

A) Drug testing is an easy and accurate method of detecting drug misuse.

Q) How can I screen for drugs of abuse & what do I do with the results ?

A) Most drugs can be screened for using either saliva or urine. These tests are immediate with results in under 10 minutes on-site. Confirmation samples can then be sent for laboratory analysis on positive samples. Negative samples are not usually followed as the accuracy of this biotech is very good.

Q) How effective are skin wipes for testing for drugs ?

A) Skin wipes are less available and have only been marketed recently, so their effectiveness and selectivity remains to be proven clinically.

Q) Can blood be tested for drugs ?

A) Blood testing is only used for a limited range of drugs and is not available for business or private use.

Q) Is hair testing for drugs available ?

A) Hair testing looks back up to 3 months but is lab based and expensive per screen. Mostly this makes urine and saliva the first choice screening method.

Q) How long do drug tests detect drugs for ?

 A) Urine Drug Detection Times & Cut Offs
Abbreviated name on drug test, proper name, other names approximate detectable time it remains in the URINE after use.


AMP 1000ng/ml Amphetamines Speed, amph or whizz. 2-6 days
BAR 300ng/ml Barbiturates Depressants, Barbs, Downers 3-8 days
BUP 10ng/ml Buprenorphine Subutex 3-6 days
BZO 300ng/ml Benzodiazepines Benzos, Rohypnol or roofies 2-14 days
COC 300ng/ml Cocaine Coke, crack or charlie. 2-5 days
MDMA 1000ng/ml Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Ecstasy or E’s 2-6 days
MET 1000ng/ml Methamphetamines Glass, ice or meth. 2-6 days
MOP 300ng/ml Morphine 2-5 days
MTD 1000ng/ml Methadone Dolly, Red Rock 2-8 days
OPI 2000ng/ml Opiates Heroin, smack or gear. 2-5 days
PCP 25ng/ml Phencyclidine Angel dust or peace pill 3 – 8 days
TCA 300ng/ml Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 6 -10 days depending on duration of drug use.
THC 50ng/ml Marijuana Cannabis, puff, spliff or hash. Casual use 2-14 days heavy use up to 30 days.
EDDP 300ng/ml EDDP screening tests. Detects for up to 5 days after use
OXY 300ng/ml Oxycodone 2-5 days
PXP 300ng/ml Propoxythene 2-5days

The amount of time drugs stay in the body depends on many factors such as, the amount of the drug taken, its strength, purity, the body weight of the person being tested and rate of metabolism, and whether they are a casual user or a long term user.

Saliva or Oral Fluid Drug Testing Detection Times

Cut offs are brand specific and as a guide the window period for drug detection using saliva or oral fluid drug test are shorter than comparable urine test.


THC 4ng Cannabis detection for 14-24hrs
COC 25ng Cocaine detection for 24-48hrs
OPI 2ng Opiate & heroin detection for 7-21hrs
MET 3.75ng Methamphetamines & Amphetamine detection for 72hrs


Cannabis, 12ng/ml up to 14 hrs
Cocaine, 20ng/ml up to 24hrs
Opiates, 40ng/ml up to 48 hrs
Amphetamine, 50ng/nl up to 72 hrs
Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 48 hrs


AMP 50ng/ml Amphetamine up to 72hrs
THC 12ng/ml Cannabis up to 12hrs
MET 50ng/ml Methamphetamine up to 72 hrs
OPI 40ng/ml Opiate & Heroin up to 48 hrs
COC 20ng/ml Coacine up to 24 hrs
MTD 30ng/ml Methadone up to 48 hrs

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Drug Testing Teenagers | How to screen your kids for Cannabis use

With drug use on the increase in under 16 year olds in the UK, worried parents are turning to home drug test kits to identify specific drug problems in their teenagers.  Consumers are able to purchase a variety of testing kits which will identify if drug residues are still present in either saliva or a urine sample.

Saliva drug tests are prefered as they are easy to take without a doubt over the sample having come fresh from the donor. Urine drug tests will detect further back in time, but obtaining and handling a urine sample can be problematic for some parents.

The accuracy of both formats is very high at a quoted 98-99% compared to laboratory GC/MS tests methods (the gold standard in drug screening)  Both saliva and urine drug tests give results within 5 minutes which is a great advantage.

Expect to pay between £3 to £10 for single or multipack urine drug tests and a little more for saliva drug tests.

More information on instant drug tests here