Can we screen employees for ketamine drug use here in the UK-is there a ketamine drug testing kit ?

It has been reported this week in the press that ketamine use is higher in the UK than elsewhere in Europe.

Statistics from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System show that the number of people getting treated for ketamine related health issues has doubled in the last 5 years.

What is ketamine ?

Originally a powerful veterinary anaesthetic developed in 1962 Ketamine has been around as a drug of abuse for about 10-15 years, but it is only in the last 3-4 years that we have started to see an increase in its abuse.

Ketamine is an illegal class B drug of abuse . It was upgraded from class C earlier this year.

As well as the immediate anaesthetic effects of the drug which are often described as giving an ‘out of body experience’ or in some cases a ‘near death experience’, ketamine use can cause long term problems including serious bladder & kidney problems.

Ketamine has also been used as a date rape drug by spiking drinks.

There are many street names for ketamine including Ket, K and Special K.
Are there drug testing kits for ketamine ?

Ketamine urine drug testing kits can either be purchased as a single ketamine drug test kit or as part of a multi panel 10 drug urine drug testing kit KET 

Ketamine can be detected in urine for up to 3-5 days after the last use







FAQ-What is Ketamine & is there a drug test kit for Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug which historically was used as a veterinary anaesthetic. it is both sedative and an analgesic (pain relief). In humans it can also induce hallucinations.

Ketamine first appeared as a drug of abuse over 40 years ago and grew in popularity, particularly as a club drug and rave drug. Ketamine has been mixed with MDMA and has even been miss sold as Ecstasy. Dependance is more common than with Ecstasy as Ketamine is more sedative. Ketamine is a class C substance in the UK.

A urine drug test kit for ketamine is available. However the relative short half life has made detection problematic. Screening is also hampered by a variety of pills

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Some multi panel drug test kits & integrated drug test cups also test for ketamine.

The Eco cup 10 panel drug testing kit with adulteration strip detects Ketamine & is a very good choice for workplace drug screening for ketamine as it has high accuracy levels and is very simple & easy to use.

The UK Drug Testing professional 10 panel drug testing kit also detects ketamine and is available in a selection of pack sizes including trial size packs. This highly accurate muti-panel urine drug test kit test is ideal for clinics & businesses and is also available in bulk packs.

The 10 panel integrated multi panel drug testing cup also detects Ketamine



Ketamine Misuse | Increase in Ketamine Use Amonst UK Drug Users

Ketamine, originally an animal tranquiliser, has been around since the 1960’s but over the last 10 years or so there has been a steady increase in the recreational misuse of the drug Ketamine in the UK, particularly among the young in which it has become one of a group of drugs referred to as ‘club drugs’ and as a result it is increasingley been requested on drug testing kits. The street price of Ketamine has also come down, which may have helped to increase its popularity amongst drug users.

The government recently ordered a review of Ketamine currently classified as a class c drug because of its increasing misuse and also the serious adverse effects & increasing number of deaths that have been linked to ketamine misuse.

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Drugs of Abuse News | Methoxetamine to be Illegal Drug

Breaking News

The UK governement has announced that the ‘legal high drug ‘ Methoxetamine also known as ‘MXE or mexxy’ will be made an illegal drug temporarily under new government powers.

Methoxetamine is used as an alternative to ketamine by drugs users, but seems to have much more dangerous side effects & has already been linked to 4 deaths, although it has not as yet been confirmed that this was the cause of the deaths.

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Drug Testing FAQ’s | What is Ketamine | What is the detection time for Ketamine in urine on a drug test ?

This is a question  are being asked on a regular basis, due to the increasing problem of Ketamine misuse in the UK.

What is ketamine ? Ketamine (also known as Special K or K ) is a dissociative veterinary anaesthetic / horse tranquiliser which is highly sedative. It is increasingley being abused in the UK.

What is the detection period for Ketamine in urine ?

Ketamine can be detected in a urine sample on a drug test for between 3-5 days from last use.

The sensitivity of the urine drug test for ketamine is usually 1000ng/ml

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The Ketamine detection periods on saliva and hair are different.