Legal highs NPS urine drug test kit

drug test kit legal highs

5 panel urine drug testing kit for legal highs NPS

Until recently drug testing for “Legal Highs” has not been possible however this year the drug test manufacturers have produced a range of new drug test membranes to cater for an increasing desire to be able to screen for the this very common group of new drugs known as “legal highs” or New Psychoactive substances ( NPS )

Gradually the range of new drugs that we can test for will increase as the drug test kit manufacturers catch up with the drug manufacturers.

The latest addition to the drug test armoury is the 5 panel Legal Highs urine drug testing kit that tests for MDMA, K2, Ketamine, MEP Mephedrone, MDPV Bath Salts.

The drug testing kits are 97% accurate when compared to a lab GCMS urine drug test and give results in minutes. They are available to buy online with next day UK delivery from UK Drug Testing.

If you are screening in a workplace setting all non negative results (positives ) will need to be confirmed with a laboratory chain of custody urine drug test for the specific drug that was detected. The lab drug test will cost about £40 plus VAT per drug.

If you require trade or wholesale pricing contact or telephone 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday.


Mephedrone drug testing kits now available for sale online in UK

MMephedrone drug testing kits

Mephedrone MCAT Meow Meow drug testing kits

This month we are very pleased to announce that we have a specific mephedrone drug test kit new in stock.

This new urine drug test kits will detect the drug Mephedrone also known as MCat and Meow Meow. It is quite likely the initial stock will sell out quickly, but we have more on order.

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Mephedrone MCAT Drug Testing Kits

Mephedrone  also known as Meow Meow, MCAT & Drone is perhaps the best well known of the recent designer drugs and became widely available for a period between 2004 and 2010. It is now illegal in Europe and the US.

Similar to Cathinone in its structure it has been referred to as the poor mans cocaine. No current drug testing kit for Mephedrone exists to reliably detect either the base compound or its metabolites in either urine saliva or blood.

Claims have been made that Methamphetamine drug tests will detect Mephedrone. There  is no chemical similarity between the 2 drugs and Methamphetamine drug tests should always give a negative result if tested on Methedrone. Neither is there any evidence that Methedrone has been mixed in Methamphetamine, so the claim that methamphatamine drug test kits can been used to screen for Mephadrone use are without any factual base.

Since being regulated substitution with similar compounds has occurred, again none of these are similar chemically to Methamphetamine. All remain covered by current UK and EU legislation, but the mephedrone remains available via illegal routes and remains popular.

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Drug testing kits for parents to use at home

Drug Testing Kits

Drug testing kits now becoming more widely available

We are frequently contacted by anxious parents, seeking advice on what to do following events leading to a suspicion of drug experimentation involving their teenage son or daughter and which drug testing kits are best for home use.

There is no standard reply, and only the family can decide on the right course of action, but getting to the bottom or truth is often the most challenging issue facing parents (before they decide on what to do, if anything)

Most teenagers when challenged will deny drug use. They know the issues this will cause them to address with their parents, and seek to avoid the confrontation and consequences.

But asking a teenager to take a drug and alcohol test need not be as confrontational as imagined. The ability to negotiate future testing, can be motivational in achieving the avoidance behaviour saught by the parent, while arming the teenager with an acceptable excuse against peer pressure.

Drug testing in a crisis situation can be more problematic, but this is often the situation presented to the parent, and again being able to indentify and quantify the issues allows informed choices to be made by the responsible adult.

What do I screen for is the next question.

Targeted specific single drug tests are available for all the common drug groups recreationally used by teenagers (with the exeption of methadrone (meow meow)) but in the initial screening stage we recommend an multi drug test kit be used as this will cover a range of common drugs and will ensure nothing is missed and may even educate the user on the common contaminants (not everything sold as pills, contains what the dealer suggests)

The best method of testing for drugs is a urine sample as it looks back over a longer period (3-5 days) compare this to saliva testing with 12-36 hrs drug detection at best. If you are going to do a random drug test as part of a contract, then urine testing wins hands down, its cheaper and will need to be done less often. The advantage of using saliva drug testing kits is the convenience and lack of opportunity to adulterate the sample. Saliva testing is great for immediate testing post “at risk” times, ie after parties or night club visits.

Where can I buy a drug test kit ? You can buy drug testing kits online or from some local chemists & pharmacies.

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Mephedrone likely to be banned before election & to be made class B drug

Yesterday the home secretary Alan Johnson announced to the UK press that the legal high drug Mephedrone also known as MCAT and meow meow, that has now be linked to 25 deaths in the UK, would be banned within weeks.

The ban which is expected to have widespread cross party support is to be rushed through the houses of commons & lords

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