New Psychoactive Substances Law

Last month it became illegal in the UK to make, distribute or sell substances known as legal highs or NPS (new psychoactive substances)

These substances have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last couple of years and have been thought to be responsible for many deaths, and also an increase in violent antisocial behaviour particularly in prison.

The legal highs ban in the UK came into force on 26/5/16

Drug test manufacturers are increasingly making new drug testing kits that can detect new psychoactive substances.

The latest drug testing kit is the Cathionine urine drug test kit . The test kit can detect use of synthetic Cathinones including many new psychoactive substances such as Mephedrone, Methylone (M1) & MDPV. These drugs are often referred to as legal highs but in fact Cathionine became illegal in 2010.

Synthetic Cannabis ,K2 and Spice are often also referred to as a legal high. Drug testing kits for synthetic cannabis K2 and spice are also now available

Drug Testing Kits Coupons

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We have some new coupon codes this month that can be used to purchase drug testing kits for workplace or employee drug & alcohol screening. The coupons can be used online or over the telephone. If you require any help in choosing which type of drug testing kits would best suit your company please do not hesitate to contact us on 01263 731 168 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm or e-mail us

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Nicotine Smoking Test Kit | Cotinine Test- now in bigger pack sizes


We have recently increased the range of pack sizes we offer in the cotinine smoking detection test kits. 

These simple to use nicotine urine test kits can be used to detect whether an individual is smoking and can be used for screening for health insurance, employment medicals, pre-employment medicals etc. The nicotine test kits are quick & easy to use & the results are instant.

They are also increasingly being used to test for the effects of passive smoking and are also useful for parents to test teenagers for nicotine use (smoking ).

They can also be used to test compliance where treatment is dependant on an individual giving up smoking.

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Drugs news from UK

Here are this months top drug stories in the UK news 

BBC news

25/08/10 Drugs deaths up by 67% in Wales in three years

24/8/10 Don’t label heroin users as ‘junkies’ – Drug Commission

20/8/10 Drugscope’s Martin Barnes criticises benefit plans

20/8/10 Drug addict benefit withdrawal considered

16/8/10 Top doctor Sir Ian Gilmore calls for drugs law review

Scientists discover gene for cocaine addiction

Read this interesting article in the guardian today

Here is an extract from the article

It has become commonplace for people who are overweight to attribute their waistline to their DNA. Now, celebrities caught snorting cocaine might also be able to blame their parents.

Scientists reported yesterday the discovery of a gene that increases the chances of becoming hooked on the drug Addicts were 25% more likely to carry the gene variant than people who did not use cocaine, a study found.

The discovery is unlikely to lead to a treatment for cocaine addicts, but scientists hope it could be used to screen for those most likely to have problems kicking the habit if they ever try the drug.

“If you are a carrier of this gene variant, the likelihood of getting addicted to cocaine is higher,” said Rainer Spanagel, a professor of psychopharmacology at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany, who led the study. “You can certainly use this as a vulnerability marker for cocaine addiction.”

Click here to read the full story online

Cannabis Drug tests : Easy fast and accurate

Cannabis drug tests are easy to perform, are very accurate and reliable, with high specificity for Cannabis, they show virtually no cross reactivity for other drugs.

Cannabis drug tests are available as single drug tests in strip and cassette drug test formats for urine testing.

Performing a self cannabis test is no more complex than doing a home pregnancy test. A urine sample is collected and added to the test. Positive or negative (no Cannabis detected) results are available to the tester in under 5 minutes.

There is also a new salive cannabis test devise now available, This allows a simple sample of saliva to be tested for the presence of Cannabis.

The tests will detect all forms of cannabis (marijuana)

Cannabis tests are available mail order from specialist drug test suppliers