New Psychoactive Substances Law

Last month it became illegal in the UK to make, distribute or sell substances known as legal highs or NPS (new psychoactive substances)

These substances have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last couple of years and have been thought to be responsible for many deaths, and also an increase in violent antisocial behaviour particularly in prison.

The legal highs ban in the UK came into force on 26/5/16

Drug test manufacturers are increasingly making new drug testing kits that can detect new psychoactive substances.

The latest drug testing kit is the Cathionine urine drug test kit . The test kit can detect use of synthetic Cathinones including many new psychoactive substances such as Mephedrone, Methylone (M1) & MDPV. These drugs are often referred to as legal highs but in fact Cathionine became illegal in 2010.

Synthetic Cannabis ,K2 and Spice are often also referred to as a legal high. Drug testing kits for synthetic cannabis K2 and spice are also now available

Drug Testing News-Drug testing kits on sale in Newcastle university student union

It was revealed in the UK press last week that in an attempt to reduce the dangers posed to their students by drugs, cheap drug testing kits have gone on sale in the student union of Newcastle university. The test kits costing around £3 are designed to identify what the substance being tested is.

The test kits work by a chemical reaction occurring between the test and the substance, that then produces a colour change. The user can then look on the colour chart to see what substances the drug contains. The idea behind the test is that the user can then make an informed choice based on the results as to whether to take the drug or not.

Drawbacks to the test kits are that often these street drugs are often cut with other substances that may not all be detected by the test, and it is often these other substances that can pose a significant danger to the user.

Saliva drug testing kit DSD-863-ideal workplace drug testing kit

drug testing kits saliva

DSD-863 Direct saliva drug testing kit

Introducing the DSD-863 Direct Saliva 6 drug testing kit the quickest and easiest to use oral drug test kit on the market currently in the UK.

This new drug test kits makes workplace drug testing simple and quick, with no sample handling. You simply put the saliva tongue collector into the mouth of the person that is being tested, and the drug test runs as soon as sufficient saliva has been absorbed. This feature is likely to make this new drug test kit very popular for employment and pre-employment drug testing and screening.

The DSD 863 detects the following drugs:

Cannabis 12ng (Marijuana, hash, scunk)
Amphetamine 50ng (speed, whiz)
Opiates 20ng (heroin, brown, morphine)
Cocaine 20ng (cocaine, crack)
Methamphetamine 50ng (crystal Ice)
Benzodiazepines 30ng (sleepers , tranqs)

Drug Testing FAQ-Where can I buy a drug testing kit ?

Where to buy drug testing kits in the UK ?

Where to buy drug testing kits UK

You can buy drug testing kits from UK Drug Testing


We are frequently asked by customers where they can buy a drug test kit locally. The answer to this question depends where you live in the UK.

Drug testing kits are very widely available to buy online in the UK, and have been available to buy online now for about 15 years. They are also available to buy over the counter  in some chemists and pharmacies in the UK, mainly in large cities where the demand is greater.

The most common drug testing kit to find available to buy from a chemist is a urine drug test kit, usually a multi panel drug test. The choice of which drugs you can test for are usually fairly limited, on a drug test that you buy from a chemist, and it will usually just test for the most common drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, opiates and ecstasy. Newer drugs like legal highs, spice and mephedrone will be unlikely to be tested for. It is unlikely that you will be able to purchase an oral fluid saliva swab drug test kit in a chemist.

For the most comprehensive choice of drug testing kits to buy you will need to shop online. UK Drug Testing is a leading UK supplier of urine and saliva drug testing kits and have been selling them online now for over 16 years. You will find a very comprehensive selection of test kits covering most drugs and available in multiple formats.



Alcohol tests detection periods

Testing for alcohol onsite has until recently been limited to measuring a real time alcohol level, either in saliva or breath. Options include single use breathalysers, digital breathalysers and saliva alcohol test strips. All work well at measuring the alcohol levels at the time of testing, but all are dependent on alcohol still being present in the system at the point of testing

Real time alcohol testing is appropriate for workplace and driving, but many healthcare tests need to detect alcohol use, not level. Looking back in time for alcohol exposure and heavy use, has until now been limited to laboratory test, either Liver function tests, measuring the elevated levels of enzymes associated with chronic alcohol use or hair strand analysis. Both take time and are expensive.

ETG alcohol test strip kit

ETG alcohol test strips

Released in 2015 is the new ETG 80 hour urine alcohol screen. A simple dip test which will detect alcohol metabolite ETG for up to 72 hours after alcohol is last broken down, giving a possible window of detection of 80 hours.

ETG urine testing is ideal for healthcare compliance testing, insurance assessment testing and for workplace  environmental testing where zero alcohol policies exist (oil rig, gas rigs etc)

ETG is a specific breakdown product of ethanol, making it a specific test for ethanol (alcohol ) use.

NHS prescribing Naloxone to gambling addicts

It was reported in the UK news today that gambling addiction has become such a serious problem in the UK, that doctors are now able to prescribe drugs that are usually prescribed for drug addiction to treat gambling addiction in the worst addicts . Naloxone and Buprenorphine (Subtex ) are usually used to treat opiate addiction, but studies have shown that they may also have benefit in gambling addiction.

Drug testing kits for legal highs

drug testing kits legal highs

Drug testing kits for legal highs

Drug testing for legal highs has been limited by the ability of drug test manufacturers to  copy the subtle changes to drug chemistry and changing fashions. Almost as soon as one designer drug becomes established with users, the law is adjusted to make it illegal and the design is altered slightly in chemical terms to a slightly different drug compound which avoids the legislation.

Designing specific tests for this ever changing chemistry is understandably problematic. It is not possible to make drug tests which cover this diverse chemical variance without making the tests unspecific and unreliable. To develop a test, manufacturers need to know the market for test kits will be sufficient and sustained to cover the costs of development and certification.

In light of the above, it is not surprising that there is only a small range of drug test kits currently available for legal highs and designer drugs.

These now include:

You will note none of the above remain “legal highs” in UK law


Ministers are consulting on whether to bring UK drink drive limit down

It was reported today on the UK news that UK ministers are consulting with the Scottish government, on whether lowering the drink drive level in Scotland to 0.05% BAC has had a significant impact on road safety in Scotland. The level for the rest of the UK remains at the higher 0.08% BAC currently, although the department of transport has been quoted as saying there are no current plans to lower the level.

Visit Value Breathalysers UK for a range of digital breathalysers, alcohol tests & breathalyzer kits

UK Drug Testing 12 drug test cup with adulteration & temperature tests

12 panel cup drug test

12 drug test cup with adulteration and temperature strips

UK Drug Testing has launched the new flagship 12 drug single-stage cup drug test kit aimed at the workplace and pre-employment drug screening.

Offering 12 drug tests in a single cup collection pack, combined with a 3 pad adulteration check and urine temperature strip, the new drug test cup offers one of the most comprehensive drug screens on the market and will replace the previous best selling UKDT 10 and 11 drug cups.

The combination is an ideal choice for occupational health screening departments, offering the convenience of a single combined collection and testing cup with onsite results in under 5 minutes in most tests.

The cup covers all the essential common drug groups, with the addition of ketamine, a growing issue for workplace drug screening. It also covers the sedative drug groups, which if not screened for can pose an occupational risk, including methadone, barbiturates, Benzodiazepines and TCA’s.

Comprehensive quality does not have to mean expensive. The new 12 drug test cups are available for the price of the old 10 drug cups.

25 ng/ml THC test in stock

25 ng/ml thc test

25 ng/ml THC urine test strips

Just a quick post to let you know that we have more sensitive Cannabis urine THC drug testing strips in stock now that detect just 25g of THC compared with the standard test kits kits that detect 50g.

The lower sensitivity allows the test to detect smaller or lower levels of THC in the urine and extends the window after use of cannabis that a urine test will show its use.

For years the urine cut off levels have been set at 50g, and while this level is proven not to show after passive inhalation, the new lower test will be of interest to users wishing to screen for all exposure to the drug, not just direct use.

The procedure for running test is identical as the format of the strip tests has not changed. Simple dip one of the strips into a freshly collected urine sample and read the result at 5 minutes. A positive result indicates Cannabis + cannabis metabolites are in the sample at concentrations of 25g or above.