UK Drug Testing Coupons

You can use 5% discount coupon code aut5 as many times as you like between now and the end of January 2014 to buy drug & alcohol testing kits & breathalyzers from:

The coupon code can also be used at Valuemed medical supplies website


Discount Coupon Drug Testing Kits

Use discount coupon sp5 to save 5% this month on drug & alcohol testing kits

  • Coupon can be used mulitple times.
  • no minimum spend
  • one coupon is applied per order
  • coupon active until end of April 2013
  • feel free to share the coupon

Coupon code can also be used to get a discount on breathalyzer kits

10% Discount Coupon On Drug Testing Kits UK

We have a 10% online discount coupon active at our drug testing kits UK website from today until midnight Thursday 28th February 2013

The coupon code is FEB10

  • free UK delivery when you spend over £75
  • only one coupon can be applied per order

The coupon can also be used at our medical supplies website Valuemed

Discount Coupon Drug Tests | Discount on Drug Testing Kits Supplies & Breathalyzers

We have a 10% discount coupon active until midnight Monday 2nd April 2012 at

  • Coupon code is sp10
  • Gives a 10% discount on drug testing kits & breathalyzer kits
  • One coupon per order
  • Coupon may be used multiple times

Delivery Offer Details here

Discount Drug Tests | Discount Drug Testing Kits | Discount Breathalyzer Kits -5% Coupon Code

We thought it was about time we gave you a discount coupon to use on drug testing kits & breathalyzer kits

  • Discount coupon code is sp5
  • Gives a 5% discount on goods
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Feel free to pass coupon code on
  • Coupon active until end of April 2012
  • Only one coupon is applied per order
  • Can be used at any Access Diagnostics websites including &
  • Discount coupon code sp5 can also be used at

Discount Drug Testing Kits & Breathalyzers

Drug testing kits

Drug testing kits

We have a 5% discount coupon aut5 for our drug & alcohol testing kit website.

  • Coupon is active until the end of January 2012
  • Free UK Delivery when you spend over £75 on goods
  • Coupon code is aut5

Open an online account with us to save another 5%

To open an account simply e-mail us with you last order number and request an account. We will then set the account up and e-mail you login details.

Having an online acccount makes shopping with us quicker and easier and saves you an extra 5% as the prices displayed to account holders are lower than if you do not login.

You can still use our discount coupons in addition to get an extra discount.

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